Evolve or Die!

Spider-Man: The Other is a compiled graphic novel of various Spider-Man titles (Amazing Spider-Man #525-528, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1-4, and Marvel Knights Spider-Man #19-22) and written by Peter David, Reginald Hudlin, J. Michael Straczynski, Pat Lee, Mike Wieringo, and Mike Deodato.

After a battle with the new villain Tracer, Peter Parker receives some shocking news from his doctor. He is dying! Of course, all the best Marvel superhero doctors team up to try to help him. But Morlun is back too. And he’s just biding his time to feed off Spidey.

The story is suspenseful and exciting, but a bit choppy and incongruent over the span of the Spider-Man titles. In one scene, Mary Jane has a broken arm. In the next, she’s absolutely fine. But when you’re dealing with a span of multiple titles, it comes with the territory.

Some of the artwork was only mediocre at best. But thankfully, since there were multiple titles, we get to see more than one artist at work. And the story more than made up for it.

I definitely recommend this graphic novel to any fan of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Peter goes through a transformation that will change him forever!