Diagnosis Murder: The Last Word

As author Lee Goldberg has stated, Diagnosis Murder: The Last Word (8th in the series) is his last Diagnosis Murder novel. At least for a while.

As the end of a trilogy, the events in The Dead Letter and The Double Life have culminated to a final showdown between Dr. Mark Sloan and a serial killer that he previously sent to prison. Through a meticulous conspiracy, Dr. Jesse Travis and his wife Susan are framed for infecting patients with the West Nile virus. Even Dr. Amanda Bentley and Mark’s son, Detective Steve Sloan, find themselves framed for crimes they didn’t commit. And Mark finds himself completely alone and feeling more helpless than ever. If he’s to outwit the devious killer, Mark must change his way of thinking.

This last book in the series is much different from the rest. It’s more than a simple whodunit. Mark knows who’s behind the conspiracy and why. But he must discover who else is involved and gather enough evidence to free his son and friends. Mark’s character goes through a lot of changes, especially in his desperation.

With his usual skill, Goldberg offers a closing chapter for fans in this exciting story that culminates in a surprising finish.

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