Kyle XY – Confession Time

I have a confession to make. And it’s pretty embarrassing to admit.

I have recently become obsessed with Kyle XY, from ABC Family channel. The supporting cast are definitely not the best actors. The story has been very predictable so far. The morals of the the Trager family are less than appropriate for a family channel. And they always have a tug-at-your-heart-strings ending to every episode.

Then why do I love the show?
Well, first of all there’s Matt Dallas, the star of the series. The 25 year-old actor plays 16 year-old Kyle on the show. He does his best acting through just the emotions he exudes through his facial expressions. How a 25 year-old pulls off looking so young and innocent is beyond me. Though his pretty face and piercing eyes are a big help.

Kyle XY is a show about the making of a superhero. If I would have known that, I would have started watching from day one. As it is, I caught a rerun. Through which, I was immediately hooked and grabbed the remaining shows off iTunes. (There were only 10 episodes in the first season.) The reruns were playing as a catch-up and countdown to the debut of season 2 (which aired this past Monday night).

Kyle XY

The synopsis:
A young man wakes up to find himself in a forest, naked, with no memory of anything, and no bellybutton. Though Kyle has no memory, he does have an incredible mind and is able to learn very quickly. A psychologist takes the remarkable Kyle into her home; and it doesn’t take long for her family to “adopt” Kyle as one of their own. But who is Kyle? And where did he get his amazing abilities?

Kyle has a completely innocent nature. That is his most endearing quality. He is able to look at everyday habits, that most take for granted, and be completely objective. He has an inherent sense of right and wrong. When he is pressured to do something that he knows is wrong, he feels compelled to do the right thing, every time. He’s super strong, has acute hearing, and can read an entire encyclopedia in a day. A bit like Superman? Sure. But this kid is a genetically-enhanced human (test-tube baby), and we’re just beginning to see some of his incredible abilities and figure out who he is.

So, cheesy family channel factor aside, I’m hooked on Kyle XY and can’t wait to see where this show goes. And I have to say that this may be the only show that I’ve felt a compulsion to watch the episodes again, immediately, after just watching them all.

Supporting cast:
Marguerite MacIntyre as Nicole Trager
Bruce Thomas as Stephen Trager
April Matson as Lori Trager
Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Josh Trager
Chris Olivero as Declan McDunaugh
Kirsten Prout as Amanda Bloom
Nicholas Lea as Tom Foss

Season One is now available on DVD.

And catch Season Two on Monday nights on ABC Family.
– For you Canadians, it airs on SPACE: The Imagination Station & A-Channel.
– And for those in the UK, Kyle XY airs on Trouble channel.

12 thoughts on “Kyle XY – Confession Time”

  1. Lancelot likes that show, but I can’t bring myself to watch it because every time I see the name of the show I think it’s something about KY jelly, and I just can’t take anything seriously that makes me think of lube.

  2. ” I have to tell you somthin,
    I have no belly button.
    No belly button?
    uh huh.
    No belly button?
    uh huh.”
    …..Veggie Tales song

  3. Gypsy – Gee, thanks. I hope I’m not thinking that next time I watch. 😛

    Olga – Ah, Veggie Tales.. I do think I’ve heard that song.

    Gal – It’s very plot oriented. Each episode gives us a little more into Kyle’s past and the mystery surrounding him. But each episode also has a separate plot that ends each episode. Like a day-in-the-life of Kyle and family.

  4. A Channel is London, very cool. I have a love for a show that’s probably not really appropriate but I can’t help it, I got hooked into it. *sigh* Yes I am a fan of the Trailer Park Boys.

  5. No need to be embarrassed! The show is really great, the season premiere was amazing one of the best I have seen so far. I have to say I was really impressed that they gave us so much info on the first night that lets me know we are so in for a great ride this season!

  6. Ashley – It was a great season opener. And we did get a lot more answers that I thought we would! I’m looking forward to the new girl.. I wonder if she’ll be Kyle’s counter-part? The super-villian to Kyle being the superhero? hmm

  7. I’ve been wondering about this one. I’ve seen things on TV for it. It doesn’t sound half bad… and plus his eyes are beautiful!

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