1. Wearing your hair up and donning glasses is a great disguise. Even fellow government colleagues, whose job is to track down spies, won’t recognize you.

2. Though I guess she has had worse disguises.

3. Steve Trevor made a great damsel in distress. In just about every episode.

4. Episodes with men in gorilla suits don’t make for good tv.

5. All accessories should have a secondary use.

6. If things don’t work out with a guy, just wait a few years till his son grows up. Ick.

7. I finally found a fellow Amazon I can relate to, who towers over everyone.

8. Wonder Woman was a great role model for young girls everywhere.

9. But granny panties are never a good idea.

10. Wonder Woman had to take ballet lessons in order to change clothes.

11. Spinning around in circles causes a lot of static electricity.

12. I know it was the 70s, but some wardrobe consultants should have been fired before this disaster of an outfit.

13. Wonder Woman also briefly suffered from split personality disorder when she thought she was a genie.

And a bonus photo:

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery – but COME ON! Either that, or Lynda really let herself go for a while.

Fun Facts about the first season:

SPINS: Wonder Woman spins 29 times during the first season.

LASSO: Wonder Woman uses her lasso 24 times during the first season.

JUMPS: Wonder Woman jumps 31 times during the first season.

THROSSING: Wonder Woman throws 55 bad guys during the first season.

MISCELLANEOUS: Wonder Woman lifts and stops a car; she gets shot over 30 times with a machine gun; they throw a knife at her twice; breaks down a door; imitates voices; breaks chains; liberates Steve from a wood container; breaks two wood gates and a steel door; liberates herself from the trap of the questioning chamber; uses a karate chop to knock Kesselman down; stops a steel trap door; climbs walls; throws bombs; shows scientific knowledge; breaks in through a glassed roof-window; jumps through a glassed-window; breaks a lock; uses tiara as a boomerang; she’s gassed and it seems she has the power to cure herself; bends steel; shows super-strength, bends a gun, throws 4 bombs previously thrown at her; and bends the bars from a cell.