UFO Hunters vs. UFO Hunters

Apparently, the SciFi Channel and the History Channel both wanted claim to the name for their UFO investigative shows, and neither were willing to give in. Though it may be confusing, they’re both pretty different shows.

The History Channel has taken a more documentary approach to investigating historical UFO incidents. Hosted by Bill Birnes and Pat Uskert, the UFO Hunters examine data from video, audio, witness interviews, and files recently opened under the Freedom of Information Act. The group then visits the locations and tries to re-construct the events in hopes of discovering if the incidents were real. The shaky camera gets a bit distracting at times, but adds to the documentary-feel of the show.

All new episodes of UFO Hunters airs on the History Channel on Wednesdays at 10:00pm ET/PT

On the other hand, the SciFi Channel has created their UFO Hunters to feel more like their hit show Ghost Hunters. The hosts, Ted Davis and Oliver von Kemenczky (of New York Strange Phenomena Investigators “NY-SPI”), investigate UFO sightings with the intent to debunk or give alternative explanations. This UFO Hunters is a bit more sensationalized and feels more like a Hollywood show, polished and rehearsed.

UFO Hunters airs on the SciFi Channel on Wednesdays at 10:00pm ET/PT too… but other than the pilot, no other episodes seemed to be scheduled.

If you’ve seen either or both, what was your take?

3 thoughts on “UFO Hunters vs. UFO Hunters”

  1. I started watching the Sci-fi version mainly because it’s on after Ghost Hunters International. I don’t mind it but it’s not something I’d consider needing to tape if I couldn’t catch it.

    Haven’t seen the History Channel version but don’t they tend to take a very skeptical view of things like this? Or is that a different channel? There are so many paranormal programs on that it’s hard to keep them straight at times.


  2. The History Channel’s version actually seems to be just as open to the idea of UFO’s as the SciFi Channel’s, if not more. In fact, they’re not trying to debunk, as SciFi’s UFO Hunters are.

  3. history channel is the better one if you want only the fact’s and no bs they take old documented caseses (so far) and make sure that there is some kind of proof not just what people say.On the other hand they are 60 years old and there is never a good answer,the same as the ghost hunters (well you might be huanted but we can’nt say for sure)The thing is do you think that what people se is (the nearst star is 4.5 light years away and it is really hard for me to thimk of how they could get here )or is it simpley our gov and their aircraft doing test runs what better way right

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