14 thoughts on “Piles of Books”

  1. So that’s what Blood Bank is! I had seen it listed as an upcoming release and found a picture of it on Amazon, but not a description. I was wondering what it was because I thought all the novels in the series had been re-released with the show based covers already. Short stories from the Blood Books series! Awesome! (It was a shame that Lifetime treated Blood Ties so shabbily. I real enjoyed the show.)

    PS Jim, I hadn’t heard about your Goblin books until the most recent one came out. It sounds great, but of course, I will need to go back to the begining of the trilogy and start there.

  2. I always feel loved when I get things in the mail–when it’s not junk mail it’s so much better 😉

    The Tanya Huff makes me jealous!

  3. Now THAT is a pile of books!! Wow. All in one day. I think you do need more hours in your day. I’m still trying to figure out how to live without sleeping!!

    The Tanya Huff makes me jealous too!!

  4. Sigh, I wish I was in your shoes……I so need to learn how to write a good book review…maybe then I could get shoes like yours….

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