4 thoughts on “Opening This Weekend…”

  1. I won’t be seeing the Hulk at all. It looks too much like the first one and I just think if you’re going to remake a movie everyone hates you should try to make it very different.

    I want to see the Happening, but I don’t know a lot of people in Santa Cruz, so I don’t have movie buddies. It feels weird going to movies by myself if I’m not there as press…

  2. Will be seeing the Hulk. Tracking has it at 65 million dollar opening. And the reviews have been pretty solid. Plus of course I’m a comic fan so I *have* to go. The big difference between this one and last (they have no connection whatsoever, it’s a total reboot) is that there is an actual villian to hit.

    As for The Happening…I want to see it, but doubt I will this weekend.

  3. I’m going to see Hulk, if only for Ed Norton.
    You mean you didn’t like the glow-in-the-dark dogs from the last Hulk movie, Pete? Ugh. That was bad. I’m sorry, but poodles are not intimidating no matter how many teeth they have.

    After seeing a longer and more graphic trailer for The Happening, I doubt I’ll be seeing it. Maybe rent it from Red Box when it goes to DVD. I’ll see what reviewers say. I’m not into anything remotely horror, and it looks like it may cross the line into that genre.

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