Dragon Con 09 Saturday Report

Saturday, I arrived at the Hyatt for my first panel. This was another author panel, this time, on Time Travel. Carole Nelson Douglas, Anna DeStefano, Rita Herron, Joy Nash, Terri Osborne, and Mari Mancusi were all in attendance. And I scored a couple free books!

Time Travel Authors Panel

Time Travel Authors Panel

Then, I ran over to meet authors Nicole Peeler and Mark Henry before heading up to my next panel.

Nicole Peeler and Mark Henry

I wish I had more time to hang out. They looked like they were having fun!

Nicole Peeler and I
Mark Henry and I

My next panel was Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict talking about the Classic Battlestar Galactica. The two are always entertaining, with plenty of good stories and laughs.

Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict Panel
Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict Panel

And, I managed to get in a photo op with Stargate Atlantis actors Joe Flanigan and Paul McGillion. Yes, I was in heaven.

Joe Flanigan, Me, and Paul McGillion

Paul McGillion is a favorite of mine. And when I told him I enjoyed his film A Dog’s Breakfast, with fellow Atlantis actor David Hewlett; he offered his latest short film The Woods for me to review on SciFiChick.com!

New Paul McGillion Short Film

Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Dragon Con 09 Saturday Report”

  1. how hard is it to get autographs there angela? i am very interested in going there next year, and i saw that patrick stewart was there. i would have loved to have been there with so many great actors. glad you had a great time

  2. Jeff – There is an entire ballroom just for getting autographs from actors and actresses. Though the bigger names like Nimoy, Stewart and Mulgrew had their autographs in larger areas outside of the room. The autographs ranged from $20-40 on up. And unfortunately, most didn’t allow photographs at their booths. You had to purchase photo ops, or sneak pics, like I did!

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