Dragon Con 09 Sunday Report

On my last day at Dragon Con, I attended Leonard Nimoy’s panel.

Leonard Nimoy Panel

I didn’t want to wait for hours in line, so sat in the back just to hear his stories and more about what he was up to now. He told some humorous stories about his early days of Star Trek, and how he came up with the Vulcan hand signal. Most of the interview revolved around his photography (http://leonardnimoyphotography.com) and his most recent project on full-figured women.

Halfway through, I decided to run over and catch the end of yet another author panel. But I couldn’t miss meeting one of my favorite authors, Julie Kenner! I love her Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom series as well as the Codebreaker Trilogy. I was in total fangirl mode, but she was very sweet and gracious.

Julie Kenner and I

This panel, consisted of Rosemary Laurey, Susan Sizemore, Jennifer Heddle, Jeanne Stein, Jackie Kessler, Heather Osborn, Mari Mancusi, Julie Kenner, and C. Malcolm. At least, that’s what the listing said. I missed the introductions, so I’m not sure!

Urban Fantasy Authors Panel

Urban Fantasy Authors Panel

I also went up to meet author and fellow Twitterer Susan Sizemore!

Susan Sizemore and I

Next, I ran over to SyFy’s Ghost Hunters panel, where they discussed the “Craziest Things We Ever Saw.” They were, of course, very entertaining, told many funny stories, and ended up being my favorite panel of the convetion!

TAPS Panel

Then, I had to get a photo with author Keith R.A. DeCandido before I left took off to another part of the hotel, since I didn’t have a chance the day before.

Keith RA DeCandido and I

Meanwhile, I ran into author Richelle Mead! It was crazy in the crowd, so I didn’t get a chance to chat. But she was gracious enough to pose for a quick (close!) photo with me.

Richelle Mead and I

I also had to meet James Maxey, while at Dragon Con. He’s the author of the incredible Dragon Age novels. So, I attended his reading and got to sit and chat with him for a while. He read a short story that he had written that was clever and engrossing.

James Maxey and I

Next stop was the Artists Alley, where quite a few comic artists had their works on display. It was fun for a moment, till jealousy started setting in. (My degree in Art isn’t getting a lot of use.)

David Reddick and I

But on my way out, I stopped by to say hello to artist (and fellow Hoosier) David Reddick. I love his Trek Life comic strip that can be seen at StarTrek.com, and his ongoing series here: http://www.legendofbill.com/ And, yes ladies, he’s that cute in person.

All-in-all, another fun, packed, eventful, and memorable convention experience. I definitely recommend attending Dragon Con if you get the chance next year. The programming is exhaustive, containing something for every fan… and then some! Loads of actors, authors, artists, and other experts in various fields seem to grow each year. I’m definitely glad I was able to go to Dragon Con last weekend. And now, I’m glad I’m back home… catching up on sleep and my reading!

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