Book Review: The 4400: Welcome to Promise City

The 4400: Welcome to Promise City

The 4400: Welcome to Promise City, by Greg Cox

The 4400: Welcome to Promise City picks up the storyline where the TV series ended. After the promiacin outbreak, thousands died in Seattle, and the surviving thousands were left with new abilities. And Jordan Collier stepped up as leader of the city. A group of mysterious undercover operatives have made it their mission to bring down Collier and stop the spread of promiacin. Meanwhile, Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris try to track down who stole the body of Tom’s nephew, the catalyst of the recent outbreak of promiacin. NTAC is worried that someone may be using the diseased boy’s body to further spread promiacin to the unsuspecting world.

As a big fan of the TV show, I was ecstatic to hear that the novels would be continuing the story. And this latest book was a wonderful addition. All of the characters are fighting the same struggles: Tom debating on whether or not to take the shot, Kyle’s hallucinatory ability and struggling between loyalty to Jordan and his father, and Richard dealing with vengeance over the death of his daughter.

With ample suspense, action, and intrigue, fans of The 4400 will not be disappointed. A complex storyline involves all of the main characters, and offers some shocking surprises along the way. The characters have all the depth and conflicts that we’ve come to know. The danger of Collier’s followers and the opposing faction is coming to a head. And I loved every minute of it.

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  1. Just stumbled onto this review. Glad you liked the book, as well as Dave Mack’s follow-up novel. As a 4400 fan myself, I really didn’t want to disappoint all the other 4400 fans out there.

    Thanks for the great review!

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