Blu-Ray Review: Being Human Season 1

Being Human Season 1 is available today on Blu-Ray and DVD!

Hospital porters George (Russell Tovey) and Mitchell (Aidan Turner) are trying to live normal human lives in their small community, despite the fact that George is a werewolf and Mitchell is a vampire. When the two move in to a new house, they discover Annie (Lenora Crichlow), the ghost of a woman who died there. Now, the three (seemingly) young people must deal with the repercussions of their paranormal curses, try to blend in with society while hiding who they are, and face others in their community of vampires and werewolves – those that don’t necessarily share their respect for humans.

Mitchell, the vampire, looks to be in his 20s though is actually over one hundred years old. He has a long and tortured past, and has sometimes made decisions that he now regrets. He goes through some tough changes and decisions as the first season progresses. And he becomes more likable as well.

George, the werewolf, is an extremely awkward and nervous character. He is very smart, but socially inept. It’s ironic that he’s the most likely to live a normal human life, but hates his condition and finds it the hardest to accept.

Annie, the ghost, is still discovering her abilities and limitations. George and Mitchell can see her without problem. But to others who come to the house, she is more of a haunting presence, able to move objects within the house. A dark mystery surrounds her death that is revealed later in the season.

This original BBC show is dark, humorous, suspenseful, and completely engaging. My one complaint is that the special effects in regards to the werewolf are not as great as most recent television and film standards. But the acting and storylines are spot on. This was one of my favorite new shows of last year. And I’m excited to see it continue on BBC America.

• Deleted scenes
• Behind the scenes featurettes
• Video diaries
• Character profiles
• Interview with creator Toby Whithouse

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