Book Review: Stolen


Stolen, by “Jordan Gray”

Michael and Molly Graham are new residents to Blackpool, a quaint seaside town in England. Blackpool is home to many secrets, with more than its share of murders. Molly’s latest project at an old theater is interrupted with a startling scream. An elderly woman is murdered in an alley, tied to a 70-yea-old train heist mystery. Knowing several survivors of the disaster, Molly and her husband Michael investigate an old mystery in order to discover what’s happening in the present.

Based on the Blackpool Mystery computer games by Big Fish Games, this new mystery miniseries has a lot of promise. The town of Blackpool is a seemingly-endless source of mystery, dark characters, and secrets. Michael and Molly are a sweet husband and wife team with just minor character development so far. This first installment is a short, fast read with plenty of suspense and several surprises. The characters had me guessing whodunit until the final reveal. If you’re a fan of the games, or just a mystery lover, be sure to check out the new Mystery Case Files from Harlequin.

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