DVD Review: Legends of the Superheroes

legends of superheroes

Legends of the Superheroes contains a two-part, made-for-tv special starring DC comic superheroes and villains. The first half is The Challenge. The Challenge that the Legion presents to the JLA gives the heroes an hour to find and stop a doomsday device. The legion presents several clues to the JLA, but also throws many obstacles in their way. The second half of the special is The Roast. Ed McMahon hosts this JLA Roast where family, friends, and special guest villains are brought in to poke fun at their superhero of choice.

Fans of Adam West’s Batman will enjoy seeing this good-natured campy fun. Filmed in 1979, the cast also includes Garrett Craig, Howard Murphy, Bill Nuckols, Barbara Joyce, Rod Haase, Danuta, Frank Gorshin, Burt Ward, and many others. From beginning to end, the silly jokes and corny predicaments pit well known JLA members such as the Flash, Green Lantern, and Captain Marvel against Sinestro, the Riddler, Solomon Grundy, and other members of the Legion of Doom. Neither side is very bright and continues to make ridiculous choices – presumably for the laugh factor, but instead make for many groans. But for those that enjoy this era of campy humor, the low-tech special effects and cheesy costumes certainly add to the experience. The Roast was definitely my favorite, where I found myself laughing several times at some of the special guests. Hawkman’s mother (Pat Carroll), Ghetto Man (Brad Sanders), and reporter Rhoda Rooter (June Gable) were the funniest by far.

The Legends of the Superheroes DVD is available exclusively at the WarnerArchive.com: http://bit.ly/WAC_SuperHeroes

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