Triggers by Robert J. Sawyer

During a speech, President Seth Jerrison is shot by an assassin and rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, at the same hospital, Dr. Ranjip Singh is conducting an experimental procedure to alter memories on a veteran with PTSD. But when a bomb explodes nearby, it sets off an electromagnetic pulse, causing a power surge and brief outage – and affecting Dr. Singh’s equipment. Following the power outage, several people suddenly have access to strange memories that aren’t their own. The President’s security detail soon realizes a group of people within a certain distance to Dr. Singh’s experiment were all affected by having access to someone else’s memories. This means someone now knows everything the President does – on the brink of a top secret mission.

With a large cast of characters, Sawyer does a great job of giving each their own story and enough depth for the reader to easily keep them all straight. Surprisingly, the drama and how relationships are formed/affected by the memory-swapping was actually my favorite part of the story. The only other book I’ve read by Sawyer is FlashForward (developed into the short-lived TV show). I have found I really enjoy his writing style, and will definitely be reading his other books that I have on my shelves. Intriguing, with plenty of suspense – Triggers was fast-paced and exciting. This science fiction thriller was completely riveting from beginning to its climactic end.