Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 and Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Best of Both Worlds

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION – THE THIRD SEASON is a 6-disc collection featuring all 26 episodes of the third season. Continuing to follow the remarkable voyages of the Starship Enterprise, the third season includes some of the most celebrated episodes in Star Trek canon.

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION – THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Blu-ray features a seamlessly edited, one-part, feature length presentation of the classic two-part cliffhanger. In this fan favorite episode, Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) is captured and assimilated by the Borg. Available in high-definition for the first time ever, a centerpiece to the release is a newly-produced featurette entitled “Regeneration: Engaging the Borg.” Offering fans an in-depth exploration into the creation of The Next Generation’s most iconic villains, along with the making of the episode, the exclusive featurette includes all-new interviews with the show’s production staff, visual effects artists, writers, and cast as they reveal the challenges faced in producing one of the most technically complex episodes of the series. Plus the set includes an exclusive gag reel and all-new commentary with technical consultants Mike and Denise Okuda, actor Elizabeth Dennehy and director Cliff Bole.

Star Trek: The Next Generation was my favorite television series from the time it aired. And season three had some of the best episodes such as: The Most Toys, Deja Q, Yesterday’s Enterprise, and The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1 to name just a few. By now, the crew has formed a noticeable camaraderie. This is science fiction at its finest with unique characters, exceptional stories, and great special effects for its time. I loved experiencing these adventures again, restored on blu ray. I received this season for review, but enjoyed so much that I had to go out and buy the previous seasons on blu ray as well. My favorite new addition was the featurette “Inside The Writer’s Room” moderated by Seth MacFarlane. And of course, I can’t get enough of gag reels.

And for those of us who didn’t make it out to the recent release of “The Best of Both Worlds” on the big screen, this blu ray version is a nice consolation prize. Instead of beings separated by seasons, we can watch the 2-part episode in its entirety, without commercial interruption. And right now, the price is only about $15 on Amazon, about the cost of the IMAX ticket. I highly recommend this one as well to fans.

Disc One:
• Evolution
• The Ensigns of Command
• The Survivors
• Who Watches The Watchers?
• The Bonding
Special Features:
• Archival Mission Log: Mission Overview Year Three
• Audio Commentary with Ron Moore on “The Bonding”
• Episodic Promos

Disc Two:
• Booby Trap
• The Enemy
• The Price
• The Vengeance Factor
• The Defector
Special Features:
• Archival Mission Log: Selected Crew Analysis Year Three
• Episodic Promos

Disc Three:
• The Hunted
• The High Ground
• Deja Q
• A Matter of Perspective
• Yesterday’s Enterprise
Special Features:
• Archival Mission: Departmental Briefing Year Three: Memorable Missions
• Audio Commentary with Ron Moore and Ira Steven Behr on “Yesterday’s Enterprise”
• Audio Commentary with David Carson on “Yesterday’s Enterprise”
• Episodic Promos

Disc Four:
• The Offspring
• Sins of the Father
• Allegiance
• Captain’s Holiday
Special Features:
• Archival Mission Log: Departmental Briefing Year Three: Production
• Audio Commentary with Rene Echevarria and Mike & Denise Okuda on “The Offspring”
• Audio Commentary with Ron Moore on “Sins of the Father”
• Episodic Promos

Disc Five:
• Tin Man
• Hollow Pursuits
• The Most Toys
• Sarek
• Menage a Troi
Special Features:
• Gag Reel
• Episodic Promos

Disc Six:
• Transfigurations
• The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
Special Features:
• Star Trek The Next Generation: Inside the Writer’s Room
• Resistance is Futile – Assimilating Star Trek: The Next Generation
o Part 1: Biological Distinctiveness
o Part 2: Technological Distinctiveness
o Part 3: The Collective
• A Tribute to Michael Piller
• Episodic Promos

Special Features:
• Audio Commentary with Cliff Bole, Mike & Denise Okuda, and Elizabeth Dennehy
• Regeneration: Engaging the Borg
• Gag Reel