SciFi Book Review: Snatched

Snatched by David Saperstein

Six single, semi-retired, “older” women are inseparable friends. But their lives start to go haywire when mischievous Rosie submits her friends’ names to an ad soliciting “Mail Order Brides for Farmers & Miners—Distant Locations.” A few weeks later, as the six women are driving along a lonely beach road, their vehicle suddenly begins to shake, the sky grows dark, an eerie light envelops the van, and ZAP—it’s gone!

Exactly three years later, the van reappears on the same road. But this time, the women appear to be thirty years younger—and they’re all pregnant!

Fans of Cocoon will definitely want to pick up this latest science fiction novel by the same author. The six residents of a retirement community are all unique, engaging characters that are incredibly fun and vivacious. The tone is very similar to Cocoon, which is definitely a good thing.

Snatched is a fun, light-hearted alien abduction story with a twist. Once the ladies return from their interstellar adventure, their stories are a bit silly seemingly out of a science fiction romance novel. But it fits the mood – full of whimsy, adventure, humor, and a bit of suspense. The story builds to the births of the alien babies, though it’s not explained why three women are giving birth at the same time. But it’s easy to suspend disbelief for this heart-warming and amusing story.

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