Box Review: TeeBlox – March 2018


TeeBlox is a t-shirt subscription service that brings 100% authentic licensed geek and gamer shirts to your doorsteps every month. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime. Satisfaction Guaranteed.”

Get 1 shirt and 2 other items starting at $12.99/mo and use code: SCIFICHICK24 to get 24% off your first month!

Subscribers can pick from the following categories: SciFi, Marvel, DC Comics, Cartoons, Movies and TV, Games, Hot Meex, or Disney!

* received a box for review purposes.


Star Wars Shirt – I like this Jyn Erso design. I loved the Rogue One film. I only wish it was on a color besides white. Though, most of these tend to be black, so white can be a nice change too.


Star Wars Stickers – These were fun filler that matched the Star Wars theme. One is the same from last month’s box, but still cute.

Summary: I like this Star Wars: Rogue One shirt design. Despite there being a lot of Star Wars shirts, there is quite a bit of variety in styles and characters.

Remember, use code: SCIFICHICK24 to get 24% off your first month!

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