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Penguin Focuses on Roc & Ace

I just received an email from online marketing at Penguin Group. It seems the popular publisher’s blog ( is focusing on their science fiction/ fantasy imprints, Roc and Ace over the next four weeks. Check out the behind-the-scenes look at one of the best and most well-known scifi publishers in the biz!

UPDATE (thanks to Diana Pharoh Francis):

Week 1: General introduction to the Imprint (a brief history, list of key authors), the Imprint’s staff. Today we’re going to post introductions to Ginjer Buchanan and Susan Allison, on Thursday we’re going to post intro’s to the Associate Editors (Anne Sowards and Jessica Wade), and on Friday we’re going to post intro’s to the Editorial Assistants (Danielle Stockely and Cameron Dufty).

Week 2: Interviews with the Imprint’s staff. For R&A we’re running an interview with the Editor-in-Chief Ginjer Buchanan, with Tina Anderson from Publicity, and an interview in which each of the Assistants interview each other.

Week 3: Survey of previously published great books that have defined the character of the Imprint, current big name authors and a review of up and coming stars. Also an opportunity for authors to post updates as to what they’re currently working on.

Week 4: Guest blogger will write week-in-the-life style posts. The R&A guest blogger will be Jessica Wade

Release Date for 3rd Inheritance Book… Finally!

Knopf Books announced today that the 3rd book (still untitled) in Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance series will be released September 23rd, 2008 and that the series will be expanded to a 4th upcoming novel as well!

Fans will be able to view a video message from Paolini at 5pm EST today, October 30th, on his website: where he will be discussing his 4th novel.

Tin Man

This December, the SciFi Channel will be airing the Tin Man miniseries, a darker take on L. Frank Baum’s classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. To promote the upcoming show, SciFi is releasing a digital comicbook with backstory on the characters.

Click here to view the online trailer for Tin Man.
And the official website, with character information, story, and other video links can be seen here:

Here’s a sneak preview of the comic.
Click on each to view larger images.

Continue reading Tin Man

Harry Potter Mania

Of course, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows releases tonight at midnight. I ordered mine off Amazon, and am hoping it makes it to my house by tomorrow so I can spend the weekend reading.. spoiler-free!
Who’s planning on going to a midnight party release? Any die-hard fans out there? … Who use their kid as an excuse to go? 🙂

When are you picking up the latest Harry Potter book?
I’m picking it up at midnight tonight!
Mail order… It better be here tomorrow.
I’ll pick it up sometime this weekend.
Whenever I get around to it.
Harry who?
I still need to read the previous books.
I hate Harry.