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SciFiChick Email is Down

I apologize to those who have been trying to get a hold of me. And to those who never received replies from me. My email hasn’t been working for almost a week. Sometimes I couldn’t receive emails. And this weekend I finally realized that my email replies weren’t going out.
We’re currently working on getting it back up.
And I’ll be sure to get back to those whose emails I did receive.

Vote For Your Favorite Review Site

I’ve been told by several people now that I’m listed on the Preditors and Editors Readers Poll for 2007 Reviewers.
So I thought I’d better let people know where it is…
Go here to vote for your favorite review site (even if it’s not me!):
Thanks to those who’ve already voted! 🙂

A Year-In-Review of Book Reading

Yesterday, I posted my favorite SciFi/Fantasy books of the year. But here’s a breakdown of everything I read in ’07. Talk about overachieving. I never thought I’d read this much in one year!

Total Books Read: 152

The Breakdown:

Fantasy (including horror, urban fantasy, paranormal, etc.): 73
Science fiction: 41
General fiction/adventure/suspense: 5
Mystery: 7
Romance: 22
Children’s/YA books: 20
Graphic novels: 10
Christian fiction: 7
Non fiction books: 2
Short Story collections: 2

Books received from publishers, authors, promoters, etc. this year: 96
Number received that I’ve gotten around to reading so far: 64

Number of books by authors new to me: c.71

Books Read in 2007:

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