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FOX Trip

Today, I’m on my way to sunny California.
People at FOX were kind enough to fly me and other web-based media people out for a set tour/meet and greet with the cast of the new show The Sarah Connor Chronicles!
I’ll be back… in a couple of days. Check back later this week for highlights of the trip… and more on the upcoming show!

Here’s an early trailer:

2 Great Kids is trying to raise support for a great cause. I mentioned it the other day, but I want to make sure everyone gets a chance to help out. Young Jonathon has a dream to attend the New York Comic Con next year. And ArsGeek is doing a wonderful thing, trying to spread the word for this deserving, handicapped boy get to the Comic Con. It seems like a relatively easy dream to fulfill if just several people give a little bit! And thanks to those who already have!

I also want to draw attention to another little boy. The son of good friends of mine from college was involved in an accident a few weeks ago. The whole story can be read here. 4-year-old Bryson was playing and accidentally got caught underneath a lawnmower. His leg had to be amputated, and he’s doing better now. But Bryson and his family still need a lot of prayer. He’ll be going through a lot of physical therapy and has a lot more healing to do. Family set up the website: to post updates, a guestbook that visitors can sign to give uplifting notes, and an address where gifts or cards can be sent.

Please consider giving or just saying a prayer for these precious boys!
I know they’d both appreciate it!

Prepare for the Invasion

A while back, Karl was kind enough to send a link to this site that I thought you might all get a kick out of:
The site gives info on how to survive an alien invasion, describing how you can defend yourself in different situations, a brief history, and how to tell if you are a target for alien abduction. These and other fun tidbits are a great way to waste some time on a lazy Friday!

Perfect little site to get you in the mood for the upcoming movie Invasion, starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig.

Things You Never New Existed

Have you ever checked out the site I’ve been wasting some time looking at fun stuff on there. And seeing some gems like this set of books to the right. They’re supposedly motion-censored, so that when someone walks by, the middle book slides out and looks like it will fall. Pointless? Yes. But it looks like so much fun. And it’s book-related.

Most of the paraphernalia is Halloween-themed, but there are many generic novelty items as well. A backwards clock, t-shirts, collectibles, and pranks.. starting at .99 on up. It’s a fun way to waste some time on a Friday morning!