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One Sentence Reviews

I’m super busy at work, so I decided just to write one sentence reviews for the last books that I’ve read:

Shamus in the Green Room, by Susan Kandel, is a suspenseful mystery with an anticlimactic ending.

Inhumans: Culture Shock, by Sean McKeever, is about a foreign exchange with young Inhumans that goes horribly wrong, with a somewhat predictable story and colorful characters.

And I’ll leave you with an extended preview for the upcoming Golden Compass movie:


Bitterwood, by James Maxey, is one of my favorite novels of the year.

In a land where dragons rule, and humans are treated merely as slaves and pets, there seems to be little hope. But after his family is taken from him, Bitterwood sets out on a quest for vengeance against the ruthless dragons. And humanity looks to the legendary dragon hunter to set them free.

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