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Publisher Giveaways

Win a Time Machine!

Solaris Books is giving away an incredible model used for their steampunk anthology “Extraordinary Engines” to one lucky winner. Visit to view details and enter.

Random House Contest offers chance to win a trip to New York Comic-Con!

Random House has announced the launch of an exciting contest for recipients of the Strange Lands Newsletter. The winner will be awarded a free trip to the 2009 New York City Comic-Con Convention where he or she will have the opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview with Tamora Pierce – author of the Beka Cooper series. To enter the contest, applicants must mail in 10 questions that they would ask Tamora Pierce and state why they should be selected as a Strange Lands Correspondent.

Visit to view details and enter.

Over at SFSignal Again Today

The question is: As a reader, can you enjoy a story that is pushing an opposed viewpoint from one that you hold (religion/politics)? If the author is prone to holding, and writing about, views opposed to yours, can you enjoy their works or do you stop reading them?
Check out mine and several other answers here:MIND MELD: SF with an Opposing Viewpoint and way in with your opinion!

Random News and Links

New Gaea Game
Check out the new video game based on the Gaea Universe:

Vote For Your Favorite Cover
Eos is letting readers vote on cover art for Katherine Allred’s newest release, Close Encounters. Go to to vote before September 1st and get a sneak peak at the book.

Vroengard Academy Sweepstakes
Random House is offering a sweepstakes for the Inheritance cycle books by Christopher Paolini. By joining the online game at the Vroengard Academy, fans are automatically entered in to win two-night trip to Bozeman, Montana for lunch with Christopher Paolini and a framed art print featuring a scene from Brisingr. Weekly prizes include books, T-shirts, and DVD’s. And even better, by completing just one mental, physical, or magical trial, they’ll will be eligible for the special grand prize – a trip to Montana to have lunch with the author who brought us Eragon, Eldest, and coming soon, Brisingr!

Visit the sweepstakes page at