Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The Magic Is Back!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is top notch suspense, action, drama, heartache, laughter, and teenage angst. With each sequel darker than the next, the intensity grows as Voldemort gathers his forces. In this installment, Harry is still trying to recover from watching his friend Cedric murdered by Voldemort. But the wizard community at large does not want to believe that you-know-who is back. When Harry and his cousin are attacked by Dementors, Harry has no choice but to use magic (illegally) in front of his muggle cousin to rid of the wraith-like creatures. As if Harry’s life couldn’t get any worse, Dumbledore seems to be avoiding him, a new professor has made it her ambition to reform the school making Harry her enemy, and Hagrid is missing.

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Wednesday News and Thoughts

Superman News:
Looks like Kevin Spacey will be in the next Superman sequel. Superman: Man of Steel is supposedly set for a 2009 release. Two years away yet. It’s just torture to even read news items like this.

Kyle XY:
In Monday night’s episode, Kyle has embraced his gifts and finally sets about using them to help people. Namely his love interest, Amanda. This is his first real “case.” And he not only helps out the victim by sacrificing something valuable to him, but he actually helps out a thief as well. Kyle is truly every bit the boy scout that Clark Kent is. I just hope they don’t go the same route with the relationship with Amanda as they do with Lana in Smallville. The “will they, won’t they” thing gets old really fast. Especially, when in Smallville, you know they don’t end up together.

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Transformers… More than Meets the Eye

I went to see Transformers with little-to-no expectations, other than to be entertained by fantastic CGI and watching things get blown up. I was extremely surprised to get so caught up in the 2 and a half hour, non-stop action, and fun-fest this really was.

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13 Favorites

Stolen from samulli.com, here are 13 Favorites:

1. Favorite search engine: Google.. all others seem passé
2. Favorite email client: gmail
3. Favorite tv show: Stargate: SG-1 and Quantum Leap, though neither are on the air any longer. So my favorite current show: The 4400.
4. Favorite Movie: X-Men 2
5. Favorite fiction book: The Count of Monte Cristo, by Dumas
6. Favorite song: Glory of Love, by Peter Cetera
7. Favorite place I’ve been: Venice, Italy
8. Favorite ice cream: Häagen-Dazs, any of their coffee flavors
9. Favorite site to buy stuff on: Amazon
10. Favorite beach: La Jolla
11. Favorite sport: soccer
12. Favorite age that I have been: If I was going to lie about my age, it’d be 25.
13. Favorite item of clothing: Yeah, right. Like I could pick just one pair of shoes.

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