To keep me organized (and for those who are interested), I’ve created a list of books/review copies that I’ve received from various publishers, authors, and marketing agents in 2007. Click on links to be directed to Amazon.

To submit a book for review, please contact angela (at)

Solaris Books

Orbit Books

PYR Books

Tor Books



John Joseph Adams / Night Shade Books

Helios Publishing


Gold Eagle

Galaxy Press

Tobias Buckell

Eldon Thompson

Chris Dolley

Mel Odom

Meredith Fletcher

Del Ray

Eos Books

Shadow Mountain Publishing

BL Publishing

Mark Henry

Matthew Peterson

M.B. Weston

Michael Jasper

Rae Lindley
Cimmerian City

John Beachem

Brett Battles

Stacey Cochran

Susan Grant

Alma Alexander

FSB Associates

M.D. Benoit

Vicki Pettersson

Colleen Gleason

Linnea Sinclair

Stuart Clark

Alyssa Day

Overlook Press