New SF/F TV Shows This Fall 2013

I compiled a list of all new SciFi & Fantasy shows from the major networks, mostly airing this fall. So far, FOX only has a few new shows and none of them are scifi/fantasy. Meanwhile, ABC isn’t afraid to mix aliens with comedy in their new show “The Neighbors” and Green Arrow returns to the CW in “Arrow” along with a new actor. CBS’s only contribution is “Elementary” – though not scifi or fantasy most of us bookish geeks will be tuning into this modern day Sherlock Holmes. And speaking of not necessarily scifi or fantasy, NBC has a unique show coming called “Crossbones” for all you pirate-lovers. Check them all out at their official pages. Some have trailers up already. I’ll be updating this page as premiere dates become available.

666 Park Avenue – coming Sunday, September 30th:
The Neighbors – coming Wednesday, September 26th:
Zero Hour – coming in 2013:

Elementary – coming Thursday, September 27th:

Arrow – coming Wednesday, October 10th:
Beauty and the Beast – coming Thursday, October 11th:

Crossbones – coming in 2013:
Do No Harm – coming in 2013:
Revolution – coming September 17th:
Save Me – coming in midseason:
Saving Hope – premieres June 7th:

2 thoughts on “New SF/F TV Shows This Fall 2013”

  1. I’ve watched the first two episodes of Elementary and really like it. I think it’s a great modern-day twist on Sherlock Holmes and I like that they made Watson a female character. It does make me think of Monk once in awhile too. I hope it does well.

    I also like Revolution, although I am wondering how they will ever have a plausible explanation for why batteries stopped working when the power went out.

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