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Box Review: Comic Bento – February 2016


Comic Bento is a subscription Graphic Novel Box – A surprise selection of fantastic Graphic Novels with at least $60 worth of comics in every box and mailed right to your door!

Pricing starts at $20/month plus shipping. Sign up now and save 15% with code SAVE15 and this link!

Comic Bento

This month’s theme was AMPED. Each box comes with a nice card describing each of the month’s picks.

Comic Bento

Put the Book Back on the Shelf (Retail $19.99) – I’ve never heard of the band, nor does look at all interesting to me. Next.
Publication: Image Comics, March 2006

Comic Bento

Death Sentence (Retail $22.99) – I flipped through this one, but it’s too dark and depressing for my taste.
Publication: Titan Comics, July 22, 2014

Comic Bento

Alice Cooper Vol. 1: Welcome To My Nightmare (Retail $24.99) – I’m definitely not a fan. Another fail.
Publication: Dynamite Entertainment, September 1, 2015

Comic Bento

Amazing Spider-Man: Edge of Spider-Verse (Retail $15.99) – Finally, something I’ll read – and enjoy! This is actually one I’ve been wanting to pick up for a while now.
Publication: Marvel, May 12, 2015

Summary: This was definitely the biggest disappointment with this sub box yet. I actually tried to skip this month when I heard the theme, but wasn’t able to because of their system limitations. Keep that in mind if you subscribe. Now, this didn’t stop me from renewing with a 6-month membership this time. I’ve been happy with almost all their past boxes, though not always all of the selections. The value is strong. And I’ll be able to turn around and sell the books I don’t want.

Sign up right now and save 15% with code SAVE15 and this link!

Graphic Novel Review: Batgirl Vol. 2: Family Business

Batgirl Vol. 2: Family Business by Cameron Stewart (Author), Babs Tarr (Illustrator)

Over the past few months, Barbara Gordon has made some big changes to her Batgirl alter ego. She has a new look, new support team and new home base in Burnside—Gotham’s trendiest neighborhood. But just when she’s hitting her stride, her father drops a bombshell: Babs isn’t the only masked crime-fighter in the family anymore. Jim Gordon is the new Batman.

After the original Batman fell fighting the Joker, the former police commissioner was given a high-tech super-suit and asked to take up the mantle. With a team of G.C.P.D. officers watching his every move, Jim Gordon’s new law-and-order Batman has zero tolerance for vigilantism. He’s been ordered to arrest any unsanctioned superhero in Gotham—and Batgirl is next!

Batgirl returns in this second volume to fight some new villains, trying to stay off her father’s radar, all while trying to maintain social obligations as a maid of honor for her friend’s wedding.

The adventure, suspense, and colorful villains make for another fun read. The artwork is young and fresh-looking and adds to the light-hearted, young adult story. And I especially loved the appearance of Grayson and the interaction between the two. I hope for some more future crossovers like this. I’m really enjoying this Batgirl series with some solid writing and great characters.


Book News: Archeron Coming to Comics, Manga, and Coloring Books

dark hunters

Press Release from Dabel Brothers:
Atlanta, GA — Get excited, Menyons! Dabel Brothers Publishing announces an epic partnership with internationally celebrated and #1 New York Times bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon. The company will recreate her wildly popular Dark-Hunter novels in three distinct media adaptations featuring premium original artwork: comic books and graphic novels, manga, and adult coloring books.

“It’s an absolute thrill and privilege to be working with the Dabel Brothers again,” said Kenyon. “They are truly masters of their craft and artists of unparalleled talent. There’s no one I trust more to share the graphic depictions of my worlds.”

The comic book adaptation of the Dark-Hunter series is set for release in August 2016, beginning with “Archeron,” Kenyon’s #1 New York Times bestseller with art by Mel Joy San Juan. The Dark-Hunter novels chronicle the evolution of a race of immortal warriors sent to protect mankind from evil, and Archeron is the first Dark-Hunter ever appointed—a legend among his kind who fought the darkness alone for thousands of years. In late 2016 the comics will be re-released as a graphic novel.

coloring book Also in August 2016, fans can expect to see the “Deluxe Dark-Hunter Coloring Book” available in all major bookstores and on Amazon. For diehard Dark-Hunter addicts, a separate 24-page limited edition coloring book is available for preorder on the Dabel Brothers website: http://goo.gl/gF8RS0 featuring an 18×24 poster to color and frame. Finally, a Dark-Hunter manga series will be released in 2017.

“Sherrilyn Kenyon is wildly talented and a Goddess among authors,” said Les Dabel, VP of Dabel Brothers. “Her work spans multiple genres—from young adult to fantasy. She’s had over 75 books on the New York Times bestseller list and is consistently ranked as one of the top-selling writers on Amazon. We are thrilled to be partnering with Kenyon to bring her beloved novels into the graphic medium, and we have no doubt this will appeal to her current fans as well as new readers who may be attracted to the visual format.”

Dabel Brothers is well known for their comic book and graphic novel adaptations of countless books in the science fiction, fantasy and paranormal thriller genres, including the hit comic series and graphic novel “Anita Blake Vampire Hunter” by bestselling author Laurell K. Hamilton as well as Kevin Hearne’s popular “Iron Druid Chronicles” series. With production underway, the company will continue to release new information about the Dark-Hunter comics and coloring books, including teaser art and instructions for pre-ordering the comics from your local comic book store. Keep checking www.dabelbrothers.com, www.facebook.com/dabelbrothers, twitter.com/dabelbrothers, for the most up-to-date information.

About Sherrilyn Kenyon:
New York Times and international bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon is a regular at the #1 spot. With legions of fans known as Menyons, her books are available in over 100 countries where eager fans wait impatiently for the next release. Since 2003 more than 75 of her novels have appeared on the New York Times best seller list in all formats, including manga and graphic novels. Kenyon’s current series are: Dark-Hunter, Chronicles of Nick, Lords of Avalon and The League. Her Chronicles of Nick and Dark-Hunter series are soon to be major motion pictures while Dark-Hunter, Lords of Avalon and The League are being developed for television. Visit www.SherrilynKenyon.com and www.facebook.com/AuthorSherrilynKenyon for more information.

Coloring Book Review: Deadpool and Age of Ultron

Deadpool Coloring book

Color Your Own Deadpool

With adult coloring books all the rage right now, Marvel has their own line. And I, of course, had to buy them.

This Deadpool coloring book states that it isn’t for children. There are some violent scenes, but that’s the extent. There are plenty of humorous images. And the fantastically-drawn images range from incredibly detailed to more simplistic. I love the variety in this book.
It’s definitely one of my favorites.

Deadpool Coloring book Deadpool Coloring book Deadpool Coloring book Deadpool Coloring book Deadpool Coloring book

And then, there’s:

Age of Ultron Coloring Book

Color Your Own Age of Ultron

The Age of Ultron book is great too. But the number of intricate artwork far outweighs the more simplistic. And it wouldn’t be bad, but some of the scenes are a bit repetitive. And my gray markers/coloring pencils got a LOT of workout from all the dull images of destruction in the first few pages. Thankfully, the superheroes wear colorful clothes.

Age of Ultron Coloring Book Age of Ultron Coloring Book Age of Ultron Coloring Book Age of Ultron Coloring Book

Marvel will be releasing Color Your Own Civil War in April 2016 (I’ve already pre-ordered as the price is discounted right now) and Color Your Own Little Marvels in June 2016.

Graphic Novel Review: Grayson Volume 2: We All Die at Dawn

Grayson Volume 2: We All Die at Dawn

Grayson and Helena Bertinelli, a.k.a. Huntress, join together and take on some of their toughest foes yet. Dick is on a mission to stop Paragon from using the body parts of a dead villain to create something far more sinister, he goes toe-to-toe with the Midnighter, and he and Helena battle foes from their past–the Fist of Cain.

We All Die at Dawn collects GRAYSON #5-9, and GRAYSON: FUTURES END #1. Grayson has infiltrated Spyral, a mind-altering covert organization. Grayson uses all of his past experience and diverse abilities to stay on the side of right, despite his nefarious connections.

I really enjoyed Grayson Volume 1, so I was looking forward to this one. Volume 1 was an exciting spy thriller with a fun mystery. Unfortunately, I found this second installment to be a choppy, confusing mess. Some of the new characters are never explained, so I wasn’t sure who they were supposed to be. The scenes jumped around too much to confusing interactions. The only saving grace was a fantastic ending. The humor, action, and artwork helped end this story on a good note.

Box Review: Smuggler’s Bounty – January 2016

Smugglers Bounty

“Star Wars and Funko are proud to present Smuggler’s Bounty, the only OFFICAL Star Wars subscription box in the galaxy! Featuring 100% exclusive collectibles, apparel and accessories from the Star Wars universe, each box is carefully curated for Star Wars fans and shipped directly to your doorstep. Every box is themed specifically around the Star Wars films with collectors in mind. For just $25 (plus shipping) every other month, members will receive a box full of exclusive Star Wars-themed Funko collectibles and a host of other surprises valued at over $50. Each box will focus on a different part of the Star Wars universe and include memorabilia exclusive to the program, perfect for any Star Wars fan.”

Smugglers Bounty

Star Wars Resistance Patch and Pin – these are small collectibles included in each box.

Smugglers Bounty

Resistance POP Tshirt (Retail $10?) – I’m not crazy about POP shirts, because they’re a bit too cutesy. But this one does have a lot of fun characters, so it may end up as a sleep shirt for my niece.

Smugglers Bounty

C3PO POP Mug – These POP mugs are really weird, and don’t really work well. And are terrible to clean. I don’t need another collector-only item. I wish they’d either switch to traditional mug design or stick to the POP figures, not mugs. This is a fail.

Smugglers Bounty

EXCLUSIVE (Force Awakens) Flocked Chewbacca Funko POP – As you can see, he’s fuzzy all over and super cute. I love this one. Though, I do wonder why they chose to do ANOTHER flocked Chewbacca, when GameStop already has an exclusive flocked Chewie. This is fuzzier and “older” but let’s face it, he really didn’t age much. I wish they would have gotten a little more creative here.

Summary: I was really bummed there wasn’t an exclusive Poe POP, as this was a RESISTANCE theme. And he or Leia should have been included. Hopefully, they do another soon!

Graphic Novel Review: Batman/Superman Vol. 4: Siege

Batman/Superman Vol. 4: Siege

It’s the Man of Steel’s worst nightmare: an obsessed villain who knows all of Superman’s secrets and is willing to kill all of his allies in order to destroy his true target.

It falls to Batman to track down this murderous madman-but with no clues left behind and no leads to follow, will this killer outwit the World’s Greatest Detective?

This is a self-contained story arc collecting BATMAN/SUPERMAN #16-20, BATMAN/SUPERMAN ANNUAL #1 and BATMAN/SUPERMAN: FUTURES END #1. When various connections to Superman are attacked, Batman figures out that Superman has his own maniacal Joker-like villain. And worst of all, there are no clues left behind as to who it could be.

This graphic novel is a great mystery, with action-packed adventure. It’s a new and fresh story that I really enjoyed. The artwork was rough, which fit the tone of the novel. When the Siege story ended and switched to the Annual or Future’s End #1, it picks up at a strange place and was a bit confusing. But I enjoyed that storyline as well. I’d definitely keep reading this line of Batman/Superman if the stories stay this strong.

Graphic Novel Review: Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 3: Casualties of War

Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 3: Casualties of War by Peter J. Tomasi and Doug Mahnke

Superman and Wonder Woman—two of the world’s mightiest heroes—are the ultimate power couple. And yet, when a new superhero arrives out of nowhere asking for their guidance, the two Justice Leaguers can’t help but suspect that something is very, very wrong.

Wonderstar has no past, no memories and only a strange connection to Superman and Wonder Woman. He claims his intentions are good, but when his true identity is finally revealed, it will take the combined strength of the Man of Steel and the God of War to take him on.

In this New 52 series, Superman and Wonder Woman are starting a new relationship. They even try for a date, that doesn’t last long when two superheroes are involved. A superpowered man with no memories arrives who seems to want to good – until his memories come back.

Casualties of War collects issues #13-17 of Superman/Wonder Woman. It’s a short and sweet, self-contained story arc that any reader can jump into. The plot is exciting and fast-paced, and involves magic (one of Superman’s few weaknesses). So the villains are worthy adversaries, if very misguided. The artwork is great – dark and beautiful, which really added to the setting as well. I really wish I had been reading this series before now.