5 thoughts on “Book Release”

  1. Kim- let me know if you’d want me to mail you a copy. He’s selling them at church for $10 each. For some reason Amazon is saying that it isn’t released yet.

    Katie – Yes, he’s a very sweet guy.. which is why we’re still friends after 20+ years.

  2. How cool! I look forward to reading it. Thanks for the update on our former schoolmate. Do you know when it will be available through Amazon?

  3. Amy – I don’t know.. tho it says on his website that you can order it straight from Wesley Press: http://www.parable.com/wph/item_0898273455.htm
    Or let me know if you just want me to pick up a $10 copy from church and pass it along to you when I’m in Marion over the Christmas holiday… my parents live up north of town. It wouldn’t be a big deal to drive another 15 miles down the road.
    Just let me know!

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