17 thoughts on “X3 Series: Wolverine”

  1. You are my hero. That is an awesome picture, I love it for so many reasons:

    1/ you captured him so amazing

    2/ I love Wolverine. If I was Jean Grey I’d be saying sianara to Cyclops hello Wolverine.

    3/ I love Hugh Jackman (but not to the same extent as I love Gerard Butler) 😉

  2. This one is fantastic.

    I can’t believe you would be able to part with one!!! I wouldn’t be able to. They are all so beautiful.

    I’m not very good with contest ideas. maybe everyone could do a drawing of their own? or whoever comes up with a good quote to go with the drawing…

  3. superb work. I think Hugh Jackman made the X-movies. I am glad they found him.

    I would be interested to know what your top 10 sci-fi and fantasy books are.

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