Vacation Update 2

I can’t believe that tomorrow will be my last full day of vacation here in sunny California. Time has flown by. I’ve been much busier than I thought I’d be. Saying that though, there were a few things that I didn’t get to do like go san diego whale watching or visit some sights, but I know that if I ever have the chance to visit California again, they will be things I would love to tick off my bucket list. Also, during this trip, I’ve only read 3 and a half books. And 2 of those were on the flight out here.

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Vacation Update

Finally, I’ve gotten my laptop plugged into the internet!
I’m having a great time.. keeping busy..
I still need to scan a couple photos in, but here are a couple from my digital camera. They’re from Universal City Walk.
I’ll post photos from the con soon!
Hope you all are having a great week too…

And here’s my new favorite comic shop:

George Takei

From Creation’s Grand Slam SciFi Summit guest list:

George Takei
He is best known for his role on the original Star Trek as Sulu. And most recently guest starred on the hit show Heroes, as Hiro’s father.

From George Takei’s official website:

George’s acting career has spanned five decades. It began in the summer of 1957, between his freshman and sophomore years at the University of California at Berkeley, when George answered a newspaper advertisement placed by a company casting voices for a motion picture. The film was Rodan, a Japanese science-fiction classic about a prehistoric creature terrorizing Tokyo. In a sound stage on the MGM lot in Culver City, Calif., George dubbed the original Japanese lines into English, creating distinct voices for eight characters.

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James Marsters

I was quite upset to hear that Colin Ferguson, star of SciFi Channel’s Eureka wouldn’t be attending as advertised. But there are so many other great media guests scheduled at Creation’s Grand Slam SciFi Summit that I’ll still enjoy the convention.

The next person I’m most excited to see is James Marsters. Marsters, of course, is most well-known for his role as Spike in the cult show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And more recently, he played Super-nemesis Brainiac on the CW’s Smallville. He’ll be the only actor here every day of the con.

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Vacation! and Adrian Paul

No Thursday Thirteen this week.
As of Thursday at 4:30am, I’ll be on my way to California!
… For Creation’s Grand Slam SciFi Summit and a little fun in the sun.

I plan on bringing my laptop to upload photos from the convention each night, but who knows what the internet connection will be like. So, just to make sure the site doesn’t die during the 10 days that I’m gone… I’ll be setting articles on the different actors/actresses that will be at the con, to post on the days I can’t get online.

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