13 Favorites

Stolen from samulli.com, here are 13 Favorites:

1. Favorite search engine: Google.. all others seem passé
2. Favorite email client: gmail
3. Favorite tv show: Stargate: SG-1 and Quantum Leap, though neither are on the air any longer. So my favorite current show: The 4400.
4. Favorite Movie: X-Men 2
5. Favorite fiction book: The Count of Monte Cristo, by Dumas
6. Favorite song: Glory of Love, by Peter Cetera
7. Favorite place I’ve been: Venice, Italy
8. Favorite ice cream: Häagen-Dazs, any of their coffee flavors
9. Favorite site to buy stuff on: Amazon
10. Favorite beach: La Jolla
11. Favorite sport: soccer
12. Favorite age that I have been: If I was going to lie about my age, it’d be 25.
13. Favorite item of clothing: Yeah, right. Like I could pick just one pair of shoes.

Flash Gordon News

SciFi Wire talks more on what’s being updated in the new Flash Gordon remake.

After painfully watching Painkiller Jane, I don’t have high hopes for this newest SciFi Channel show. And I think it’s pretty gutsy to order 22 episodes right away.

“The show will take Ming ‘into more of a kind of Saddam Hussein, dictator type of character and play with some of those themes of control over the masses and propaganda’…”
That right there is the biggest turn-off.

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