Devil’s Right Hand

Devil’s Right Hand, by Lilith Saintcrow, is the third in the Dante Valentine series.

Necromancer and bounty hunter, Dante Valentine is back. And the Devil wants to make another deal. In exchange for Dante hunting down rogue demons, Dante will become the Devil’s new Right Hand. And his former, Japhrimel, will be getting his powers back. But Japh has been holding back information from Dante. And tempers will get explosive.

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And the Winners Are…

Thanks again to the people at the WB, who were kind enough to send The Invasion t-shirts.

And the winners are:
Steven P.

Congrats to the winners! Make sure to email me at angela (at) with your mailing address, and I’ll get them out to you asap. I’ll also send out a reminder via email.
And thanks to all who entered!

Interview with Pete Tzinski

Pete Tzinski, an editor at BBT Magazine, has begun a new project – God in the Machine. In order to promote his new online serial, we decided to do an informal interview to give readers more information…

Angela: So what is God in the Machine?

Pete: God in the Machine is a science fiction series. I’d trot out the old “in the tradition of…” line, except that if I tell you what the direct parents are of the series…it’ll give away plot details from later on. It’s the story of a robot named Loeb – and his apparent companion, a bigger robot named Max – who are caught in an electromagnetic storm which, instead of destroying them, brings them “awake.” They suddenly think and, more importantly, they feel. The problem is, to the rest of the galaxy of robots (and there are only robots left), this is nothing but damage to be repaired. To start with, it’s the story of them surviving.

The series is about quite a lot more than that, ultimately, but that’s its humble origin. That’s where we begin.

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