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This just in from my source, Shankar, promoting NBC shows –

Two items for you today: First, this is freshly uploaded to the Web, not available in any other NBC or Universal Home Entertainment promos. It’s a clip from the visual effects special features, in which visual effects supervisor Mark Kolpack talks about a common bond he and Heroes star Masa Oki share—Oki also worked in special effects before he began his acting career. Check out this new Heroes clip from the Season 1 DVD boxed set on YouTube:

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Hex and the City

Hex and the City, by Simon R. Green, is the fourth in the Nightside series.

John Taylor gets hired by Lady Luck herself to hunt down the origins of the Nightside. But there are those that don’t want John prying into the past. Along with his ragtag group of companions, John visits some scary individuals and fights off deadly foes to eventually discover who his real mother is.

This installment is by far the darkest and most violent. But still infused with a wonderful dark humor that is as unique as the Nightside itself. Hex and the City brings in more unique and fun characters, and we get to see deeper into John’s origins. I had to start reading Paths Not Taken, fifth in the series, immediately after finishing this one.

Working for the Devil

Working for the Devil, by Lilith Saintcrow, is the first in the Dante Valentine series.

Necromancer Dante Valentine makes a deal with the devil. Dante must hunt down and kill a rogue demon. In exchange, Lucifer will let Dante live. It’s not much of a choice. But when Dante realizes that the rogue demon was the one who murdered her friend years ago, she becomes all the more eager to hunt down the killer. With a lesser demon tagging along for protection, Dante will be getting into more than she bargained for.

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Flash Trash

I caught the premier of the new Flash Gordon on the SciFi Channel Friday night. And wasted a good hour of my life. They cancelled the Dresden Files and put their hope in this show? I think something is seriously wrong with these people. They wouldn’t know a good show if it slapped them in the face.

Not only was Flash Gordon as corny as a B movie, but the special effects look like they came out of someone’s basement. The dialog and writing was laughable, and not in a good way. Basically, Doctor Who (for the bizarreness) threw up on Flash Gordon. Every cheesy science fiction element is here.

Way to give science fiction a bad name, SciFi Channel!


The Wall Street Journal has a link to my site: http://online.wsj.com/article/the_weekend_adviser.html?mod=djemtct
You have to scroll to the bottom of the page, to “Blog Posts About This Topic.” That post of mine had almost nothing to do with that topic, but I’ll take the links where I can get them I guess!

Too funny.

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