Jennifer Rardin Interview

The other day, I reviewed the debut novel of the talented Jennifer Rardin.
Below is an informal interview with the Indiana-born author (a fellow Hoosier!):

Angela/SciFiChick: Tell us a little about Once Bitten, Twice Shy.

Jennifer Rardin: The story takes place in Miami, where CIA assassins Jaz Parks and her boss, the vampire Vayl, have arrived on New Year’s Eve. Their mission is to take out a plastic surgeon with terrorist ties named Assan. But first they have to figure out who his new, powerful partners are. The plot thickens like good, spicy sausage gravy as you race through the book. You also need to know that Jaz is struggling with major issues from her past that are affecting her in fairly bizarre and sometimes frightening ways.

Angela: Tell us a bit about yourself and your experience in writing.

Rardin: What does it say about you when, by the time you’re eighteen you’ve already read every book you really care to from your local library? Um, get a life, girl! Yeah, there for a while I’d be reading four books at once, living out separate fantasies, all of them heroic and utterly fascinating. I can’t resist a good story. Not the soap opera kind. Nope, never was hooked on those. The kind where decisions matter, good can triumph over evil and mundane crap like taking out the trash can transform into adventure when you find a demon munching on your garbage.

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FOX Trip

Today, I’m on my way to sunny California.
People at FOX were kind enough to fly me and other web-based media people out for a set tour/meet and greet with the cast of the new show The Sarah Connor Chronicles!
I’ll be back… in a couple of days. Check back later this week for highlights of the trip… and more on the upcoming show!

Here’s an early trailer:

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