Bond 22: Quantum of Solace

According to, the newest James Bond installment will be called “Quantum of Solace.” The title comes from a short story in For Your Eyes Only by Ian Fleming.

Taken from MI6:
“Co-producer Michael Wilson told the BBC today name had only been decided “a few days ago”, adding the story’s start point would be “literally an hour after the last film left off. “We thought it was an intriguing title and referenced what happened to Bond and what is happening in the film,” he said.

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Chris Olivero Interview

This past Tuesday I was able to participate in a call-in Q&A with Chris Olivero, who plays Declan in ABC Family Channel’s Kyle XY. Chris was smart and witty – I was a very fun experience! Keep reading to hear more about the upcoming episodes of Kyle XY and more insight into the character of Declan. Various media outlets asked questions as well, so I placed my questions first below…

SciFiChick: What do you enjoy most about working on the show?

C. Olivero: It’s got to be the people I work with. It’s a great group of people. We film up in Vancouver, so we’re all away from home, except for Jean-Luc and Kirsten; they live there. But we’re all away from home. When you’re on location, if you don’t have a good rapport with people, it’s harder than anything because a lot of times you have down days where you don’t have much to do in your hotel or your apartment or whatever.

So working with a great group of people, working with a great crew – and this is one of the only shows that I’ve worked on – there’s not a lot of division. The network people, the writers, the crew, the actors, everybody hangs out. It’s not really where the actors kind of find their thing and then the writers are over there and the producers are over here. We’re all in it together; we’re all enjoying it together.

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SciFiChick Email is Down

I apologize to those who have been trying to get a hold of me. And to those who never received replies from me. My email hasn’t been working for almost a week. Sometimes I couldn’t receive emails. And this weekend I finally realized that my email replies weren’t going out.
We’re currently working on getting it back up.
And I’ll be sure to get back to those whose emails I did receive.

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