3 thoughts on “Counting Down To Comic Con 08”

  1. Not going to San Diego…but I am heading to Chicago-Con. It was fun last year and I missed the Batman Movie panel by about 6 minutes! Hopefully I won’t miss anything cool this year…

  2. I’m not excited about the super long lines at the SD Comic Con I’ve heard about.
    I may as well just head to the more obscure panels, unless I just can’t pass something up.
    Do most of the media guests at Chicago Con allow photos with them?

  3. Most of the media guests charge $20 for a picture.

    Yeah I was reading Heidi McDonald’s “The Beat” column about San Diego last year, and it sounds like it was truly crazy. Valerie D’Orzio who has a blog called “Occasional Superheroine” co-hosted a web based show last year and the video was just crazy. Lines and lines and lines….hopefully you got your Press Pass to help you get to panels. I heard that there were problems with that even! Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and take some food to eat…45 minutes to get a drink as the food lines were just that long as well.

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