13 People to See at Motor City Comic Con

This Michigan-based con is one of my favorite genre conventions of the year. Listed are just some of the guests scheduled to appear at Motor City Comic Con in May. More will be added as the date gets closer.

Here are 13 actors and actresses I’m looking forward to seeing:

1. Avery Brooks – “Benjamin Sisko” from Star Trek: DS9

2. Denise Crosby – “Tasha Yar” from Star Trek: The Next Generation

3. Bruce Davison – “Senator Kelly” from X-Men

4. Micky Dolenz – Drummer for the The Monkees

5. Erik Estrada – “Officer Francis Llewellyn ‘Ponch’ Poncherello” from CHiPs

6. Lou Ferrigno – “The Hulk” from The Incredible Hulk (repeat guest)

7. Andee Frizzell – “Wraith Queen” from Stargate: Atlantis

8. M.C. Gainey – “Tom Friendly” from Lost

9. Walter Koenig – “Pavel Chekov” from Star Trek

10. Martin Klebba – “Marty” from Pirates of the Caribbean

11. Juliet Landau – “Drusilla” from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

12. Anthony Montgomery – “Travis Mayweather” from Star Trek: Enterprise

13. Cliff Simon – “Ba’al” from Stargate SG-1

Here’s a link to last year’s MCCC experience:

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