Tagged again…

Neth Space tagged me for this easy meme:

Grab the nearest book and turn to page 123. Write down the fifth sentence, post it, and then tag 5 others to do this.

“You’re friend’s ship has changed course.” – This is from Rogue Angel: Provenance residing in my purse. I’m just thankful it was a short sentence!

As for passing along the tag, if you feel so inclined… consider yourself tagged!

Comic Book Heroes: Featuring the Max Simon Comic Book Collection

Just last month, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis opened a Comic Book Heroes exhibit. As the largest children’s museum in the world, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is a more than 400,000-square-foot facility that contains 11 major galleries that explore the physical and natural sciences, history, world cultures, and the arts.

I recently asked Curator Janna Bennet about more information on the newly acquired Comic Book exhibit.

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The Incredible Hulk

After a tragic lab accident, when Bruce Banner is given a near-fatal dose of gamma radiation and turns into a monstrous hulk, he runs from the government and heads to South America. Trying to live a quiet life in Brazil, Bruce is trying to find a cure for his gamma-radiated alter ego, while keeping his heart rate and anger under control. When an accident at work, allows the government to trace his location, Bruce must once again flee and seek help where he can find it.

After Ang Lee’s craptastic Hulk five years ago, I had little hope for the Hulk movie franchise. From a ridiculous-looking Stay-Puff-Marshmallow-Man-Hulk to even more ridiculously silly radioactive killer dogs, I was glad to hear that this new movie was going to completely ignore the Ang Lee version.

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13 Books in My TBR Pile

These are just a fraction of my TBR pile. Most of these are early review copies, and some I’m just so far behind, they’re already out.
But I’m looking forward to them all…

1. Kethani, by Eric Brown*
2. Netherwood, by Michele Lang
3. Sideways in Crime, edited by Lou Anders*
4. The Deceived, by Brett Battles
5. The Last Angel, by Natasha Rhodes*
6. CodeSpell, by Kelly McCullough*
7. Devil May Care, Sebastian Faulks
8. The Iron Hunt, Marjorie M. Liu
9. Gordath Wood, by Patrice Sarath
10. Nightwalker, by Jocelynn Drake
11. Pax Britannia: Unnatural History, by Jonathan Green
12. Underground, by Kat Richardson
13. Sly Mongoose, by Tobias Buckell

* I have giveaway copies of these as well, so check back soon for those and more!

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