Monk & Psych Premiers – Tomorrow Night!

I was fortunate enough to be sent the premier episodes of tomorrow night’s Monk and Psych episodes. Keep reading for my take on them. No spoilers.

After the death of his therapist, Monk isn’t doing well. When a neighbor’s piano playing drives Monk to buy a new house. A house where a man was recently murdered. With plenty of cringe-worthy laughs and suspense, the season premier of Monk is a fabulous episode that all fans will enjoy. There are some great appearances from Hector Elizondo as Dr. Neven Bell, Monk’s new therapist, and Brad Garrett as Monk’s contractor. The mystery is predictable, but Monk still gets to do what he does best.

And following Monk, is the all-new season premier of Psych.

When Gus is forced to choose between his two jobs, Gus quits Pysch. But Shawn steps in and gets the duo hired by Gus’ boss to investigate a haunting at his house. Cybill Shepherd makes an appearance as Shawn’s mom, with some wonderful scenes with Shawn and Det. Lassiter. With a couple of fun surprises, don’t miss this hilarious season opener. The writers for this show never fail to leave me smiling. This is easily one of the most entertaining shows on tv.

2 thoughts on “Monk & Psych Premiers – Tomorrow Night!”

  1. I actually received the premiere episodes for both shows as well and I agree with you for the most part. Both episodes are very good and fans of the shows should like both of them. Of the two I think Monk’s premiere was a little better which is surprising since lately Psych has been better Monk. If anyone is interested on my takes on the two premieres you can check out my take on the Monk premiere here and the Psych premiere here My previews do have a couple spoilers though (nothing major that fans should worry about).

  2. And I thought Psych’s was a little better.. But that’s because the Monk mystery was all spelled out for us early on and the accomplice was incredibly predictable.
    Psych was more fun for me.
    Thanks for linking to your reviews too!

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