Push Sneak Preview Giveaway!

Push Movie

In the Indianapolis area?
Courtesy of Downtown Comics, I have 9 passes (each good for 2 people) to see the sneak preview of Push on Wednesday, February 4th at 7:30pm at the Castleton AMC theater.

If you’re in the area and want to catch this free sneak preview, leave a comment below or email me at angela at scifichick dot com.

A Rant on SciFi Magazine

I have been a loyal subscriber to the SciFi Magazine, the official magazine of the SciFi Channel, for many years. And I’ve noticed a trend in the “TV in Focus” section getting months behind for quite a while. But this latest issue (February of ’09) was the most disappointing of any issue they’ve ever put out. Because of content? No. I would have loved to have read this issue LAST FALL. Instead, this “February” issue gave us old TV and movie news on almost every single article. Stargate Atlantis is over. I would have loved to have read the behind-the-scenes look before the actual finale. The article mentions that it’s still weeks away. Articles on movies that have already come and gone are a waste. How about actual previews? Who wants to read old news?

I literally skimmed the entire magazine and threw it away. What a waste. I’m not sure who it is that’s so behind – The writers? The editors? The printers?

All I can say is that if the next issue is more of the same, I’ll be cancelling my subscription and sticking to online new sources.

Behind the 3D Chuck

As most Chuck fans probably know by now, when Chuck returns on February 2, the episode will be in 3D. Viewers can pick up their free 3D glasses at many locations (distributed by Pepsi through the SoBe retail displays) including: Kroger, Ralph’s, Frys, Safeway/Vons, Supervalu, Food Lion, A & P, Pathmark, Coburns, Fresh Brands, Hy Vee, Nash Finch, Roundy’s, Winn Dixie, K-Mart, Dollar General, Hess, CVS, Meijer (on 1/31), and Target (on 1/31).

NBC also reports: Should a display’s supply of glasses run out or if a retailer near you does not carry the glasses, consumers can call 1-800-646-2904 to obtain a pair for free.

Below are some behind-the-scenes videos of the upcoming episode.

The cast of Chuck discusses working in 3D:

A behind-the-scenes look at the 3D set:

Sneak preview of “Chuck vs. The 3rd Dimension”:

Chuck returns Monday, February 2nd @ 8/7c: http://www.nbc.com/Chuck/

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