Stargate Magazine Issue 27: Farewell to Atlantis

… is on sale now! Here are some articles from this latest issue:

Stargate Magazine Issue 27

The Official Stargate: SG-1/Atlantis Magazine bids farewell to Atlantis with
the second part of an exclusive visit to the set on the final two days of
filming. Get the lowdown on the end of an era direct from Vancouver! Plus,
show runners Joe Mallozzi and Paul Mullie continue their dissection of
season five, including their thoughts on the final episode. Check out this
page to find out what else is inside.


Having graced our screens for over a decade as Stargate SG-1’s Samantha
Carter, actress Amanda Tapping made the leap into her own show earlier this
year. In the latest issue of The Official Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Magazine,
the sci-fi icon talks leaving Atlantis, comfort zones and vertigo…


As the Athosian Halling, actor Christopher Heyerdahl never gave any hint of
the creepy within – and then Todd came along. In the latest issue, the man
behind everyone’s favorite Wraith talks about his multi-dimensional
character: “I’ve always said that Todd feels a brother in Sheppard. And
Sheppard is the kind of guy that won’t acknowledge it publicly. He said
things when they spent time together in that little cell that he would only
say in private. In public, Sheppard’s always saying, “I don’t like that guy,
I don’t trust that guy.” He protests too much – he’s Lady Macbeth, right?”

In the latest issue’s celebration of all things Atlantis, we present
original – and visually stunning – artwork from season five, courtesy of
Production Designer extraordinaire, James Robbins. Believe us, this is one
image gallery you won’t want to miss!

Plus, keeping the focus on the making of the show, we talk to visual effects
guru Mark Savela about the first half of season five – his hardest Atlantis
challenge yet!

Can we interest you in a one-way trip to the Pegasus Galaxy?
In the latest issue of The Official Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Magazine, we take
you back to July 16, 2004, and the start of a beautiful friendship. Do you
remember when John Sheppard first twinkled onto our screens in Rising, the
Stargate: Atlantis feature length pilot? We bring back all the memories of a
major television event with our comprehensive episode guide.


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Supernatural Magazine Issue 8: Aycox Interview Excerpt

Supernatural Magazine Issue 8

Titan Publishing has passed along an interview excerpt of Nicky Aycox (Meg Masters) from the latest issue of Supernatural Magazine. Actress Nicky Aycox tells all about returning to Supernatural in season four as a now-ghostly Meg Masters.

“I swear, after everything I heard about you Winchesters, I’ve got to tell you, I’m a little underwhelmed. First, Johnny tries to pawn off a fake gun, and then he leaves the real gun with you two chuckleheads. Lackluster, man. I mean, did you really think I wouldn’t find you?”

That’s Nicki Aycox’s favorite Meg Masters quote from Supernatural, especially the “lackluster” part. So it’s a good thing her performance as Mrs. B. on the TV series Over There was far from lackluster. When Kim Manners directed an episode that focused on her character, it was the relationship they built on that set that led the future Supernatural executive producer and director to personally select Aycox for the role of the demon-possessed Meg Masters.

“I really enjoyed working with Kim, because he’s a very straightforward, honest man and an easy person to understand,” Aycox reveals. “He could make himself very clear, tell you exactly what he wanted, how he wanted it to look, and I really admired that, so we became friends who really like to work together in an artistic way. He’s been a mentor [in that regard] ever since.”

Aycox’s character, Meg, has been a fan favorite ever since she appeared in the season one episode Scarecrow. But even she didn’t know what she was in for back then. “I knew that I was going to be [on] for more than one episode, but we really just felt our way through it… We just knew it was gonna go until we felt the storyline had come to an end.” Meg Masters’ appearance in the season four episode Are You There God? It’s Me… Dean Winchester proves there’s never a true end to a character on Supernatural. So far, Aycox has played a human, a demon, and a ghost– could zombie Meg be next?

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Smallville Magazine Issue 31: Hartley, Durance, and Sullivan Interviews

Smallville Magazine Issue 31

Titan Publishing has passed along interview excerpts from Justin Hartley (Oliver Queen), Erica Durance (Lois lane), and Charlotte Sullivan (Maxima) from the latest issue of Smallville Magazine!

Justin Hartley (Oliver Queen) Interview Excerpt:

According to comic book lore, playboy millionaire OLIVER QUEEN and his alter ego, GREEN ARROW, usually call the streets of STAR CITY home, yet on television, he seems to have taken quite a shine to another big city. In Smallville’s sixth season, the modern-day Robin Hood took up residence in Metropolis before leaving to launch a worldwide assault on Lex Luthor’s 33.1 facilities. These days, Oliver has become a permanent fixture in Clark Kent’s life, so what has his increased presence meant for actor Justin Hartley and his colorful character?

“That’s a good question,” says Hartley. “For me, you get to interact a little more with all the other characters and be there a little bit more. As an actor, you’re able to dig deeper and can pace yourself more. You don’t have to make such a big deal out of two seconds because you might be there for four [instead]. You don’t have to come in and steal every scene, not that I ever did. That pressure’s gone. There’s a little more pressure because you have to show up every day, so it’s not like you come in, knock out five scenes in a week, and you’re done. You get to keep coming back week after week and, lucky for me, I love it. For the character, that’s where the real reward is. The reason we do the show is for the people who love it, and when you have a character as cool and as complicated as Oliver is, it’s great for the audience to see a little more of him and to enjoy the time the writers can spend on the character. I love the fact I’m here more.”

Returning in the season eight premiere, Odyssey, it didn’t take long for Oliver to suit up to seek out his missing friend, CLARK KENT.

“It’s funny,” grins Hartley. “If there are two or three weeks between when I put the leather on, they bring me in for a fitting. I have this huge big black eye and I’ve been gone for about two weeks. I have a fitting today at noon to make sure I can still get into the costume. I’m just waiting for the day it doesn’t fit! As far as getting back into Oliver’s head space, it’s kind of a cop-out if you tell somebody, ‘Oh yeah, it took me the first few scenes to get back into the character.’ I feel like you owe it to yourself, to the craft, and to everybody else to work the kinks out before you step on set. My opinion is you should always be prepared.”

It appears Oliver has more layers than his peers give him credit for, although it wasn’t until Toxic that viewers got a peek at his past and what really makes him tick.

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Received in February

Here are the books I received in February for review and/or giveaways:

The Accord by Keith Brooke
Irons in the Fire by Juliet E. McKenna
Evil Ways by Justin Gustainis

The Shadow Queen by Anne Bishop
Turn Coat by Jim Butcher
Deathwish by Rob Thurman

Prophets by S. Andrew Swann
Living With Ghosts by Kari Sperring
The Hidden City (paperback) Michelle West
A Magic of Nightfall by S. L. Farrell
Ages of Wonder by Julie E. Czerneda

Coyote Horizon by Allen Steele
The Alchemist’s Pursuit by Dave Duncan

Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh

End of the Century by Chris Roberson

The Magicians’ Daughter by S. C. Butler

Dark Haven by Gail Z Martin
Arch Wizard by Ed Greenwood

St. Martin’s Press:
Hunted by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Del Rey:
The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett

Razor Bill:
Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
Frostbite by Richelle Mead
Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead

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