Day of The Triffids Remake

For folks in the UK, a two-part new blockbuster adaptation of John Wyndham’s scifi classic The Day of The Triffids showing 9pm on the 28th (tonight!) & 29th Dec on BBC One starring Dougray Scott, Eddie Izzard, Jason Priestley, Vanessa Redgrave, Joely Richardson, Ewan Bremner and Brian Cox.

Special effects work on the show has just finished but you can see some image and clip previews on the official DVD & Blu-ray site:
They have tried to build something that gives any Triffid newbie an in-depth look at all the various incarnations of the Triffids and even long-time fans some new info.

For those of us in the US and Canada, I’ll post more info for a release when available.

2 thoughts on “Day of The Triffids Remake”

  1. So many plot holes, awful script and terrible acting. Situation kept jumping from one thing to another with no explanation on things. Voiceover parts did nothing to make it better. ……..

    i couldnt watch it all,it had no continuity,worst thing i`ve seen in my 38 years…….

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