Book Review: Being Human: The Road

Being Human: The Road

Being Human: The Road, by Simon Guerrier

Based on the tv series Being Human, three roommates try to live normal, human lives. But Mitchell is a vampire, George is a werewolf, and Annie is a ghost.

When another ghost shows up at the house, the roommates are immediately suspicious of the motherly Gemma. Gemma’s son committed suicide years ago, but she’s not sure why she hasn’t crossed over. But Mitchell and George have stress at work as well, when a new hospital administrator arrives to evaluate performance at the hospital.

The story picks up after the first season of Being Human. This first installment of the tie-in novels reads much like a murder mystery. The same fascinating characters from the show are faced with new dilemmas and more drama. As a fan of the series, I wasn’t disappointed. A short, fast-paced read, this new story arc is off to a great start.