Book Review: Cosmic


Cosmic, by Frank Cottrell Boyce

12-year-old Liam is tall for his age, and is often mistaken for an adult. He has a fascination with thrill rides and theme parks, so Liam jumps at the chance to try out a new one involving a rocket. But the problem is that Liam enters the Greatest Dad Ever Contest as a dad. But this is no ordinary thrill ride. Liam and a rocket full of only children are blasted into space, where things go horribly wrong.

Liam is a smart and gifted boy, but at heart is still only 12. He makes many bad decisions, but along the way discovers what it means to be a good dad. With many humorous twists, Liam also consults a book on being a good dad and how to talk to children. The characters are wacky, reminding me a lot of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” at times. Loads of laughs, crazy situations, and several feel-good moments throughout made this a surprising treat. This science fiction story for children is a fun read for all ages, and is truly “cosmic” as Liam would say.

Happy Birthday to Me with V!

Yes, today is my birthday! And ABC is giving me the best gift. V returns tonight with an all new episode!

Easily my favorite current show on television, I hope V keeps up the momentum from its first few episodes. Aliens, mystery, intrigue, and a bit of romance – what more could a sci-fi chick want?

Book Review: The Mage in Black

The Mage in Black

The Mage in Black, by Jaye Wells

Former assassin, Sabina Kane has decided to travel to New York to meet her long lost twin at the Hekate Council. And being a vampire/mage hybrid, she can begin a more thorough training of her magical abilities. But after a couple attempts on her life, it seems that someone within the haven of mages wants Sabina out of the way. Meanwhile, her demon familiar decides to join a fight club, where the last rule is ‘no mercy.’

Sabina is a strong, kick-butt female, who doesn’t easily trust people after the betrayal of her grandmother. Her sister and demon familiar are more light-hearted and upbeat characters that have a great contrasting affect on Sabina. They bring out a different side of her. Sabina also grows in her magical abilities, and is put to the test in several ways. And along the way, we learn that she has a mysterious destiny involving the unity of all the dark races.

There is no sophomore slump here. This second Sabina Kane novel was even more fast-paced and action packed than the first. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down, and read it in just a few short hours. Wells’ fantastic world of a vast array of magical and mythical creatures focuses more on mages, werewolves and demons in this installment. With mystery, danger, suspense, magic, and a bit of romance, this urban fantasy series has it all. Last year, The Red-Headed Stepchild made my list of favorites, and having enjoyed The Mage in Black even more, I’m sure it will make this year’s list as well.

Book Review: Changes

Changes, Jim Butcher

Changes, by Jim Butcher, is the 12th book in the Dresden Files series.

Chicago’s only wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden soon finds himself in the middle of yet another battle. This time the Red Court of vampires has kidnapped a daughter that Harry didn’t know he had. Former flame and half-vampire Susan Rodriguez returns to break the news to Harry and get his help in rescuing their daughter. But with peace talks in place between the Red Court and the wizard’s White Council, he won’t be receiving much help from his peers.

A lot of changes certainly take place throughout the course of this book, first and most obviously being that Dresden finds out that he has a daughter. This is not a spoiler, as it’s talked about both in the official synopsis and first line of the book. Many other characters return to help Harry in another of his seemingly impossible quests, such as his dog Mouse, police detective Murphy, Harry’s brother and vampire Thomas, apprentice Molly, and Russian knight Sanya.

Butcher never fails to present a dark, dramatic, and suspenseful experience in each of his Dresden Files installments. Also laced with humor, Dresden usually has a witty comment, which lightens even the darkest of predicaments. The climactic, final battle scene is massive with more than a couple surprises. And for the first time in the series, Changes ends in a shocking cliffhanger. With fast-paced thrills, magic and mayhem, this series is easily one of the best in urban fantasy.

DVD Giveaway: AMC’s The Prisoner

Courtesy of Warner Brothers, I have a giveaway copy of AMC’s remake of The Prisoner miniseries for one lucky winner!

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