Blu-Ray Review: The NeverEnding Story

The NeverEnding Story Blu-ray Edition

The NeverEnding Story Blu-ray Edition

Still grieving over the loss of his mother, Bastien is often distracted in school and his grades have been suffering. One morning on the way to school, Bastien is tormented by bullies, and he runs to hide in a small, used bookstore. Inside he meets the grumpy owner, who is reading a book with a strange symbol on the cover and insists that his book is not “safe.” Bastien steals the book when the owner is distracted, promising to return it. He is already late for school when he arrives, so he takes the book up to the attic to read. But soon, Bastien begins to realize that this is no ordinary book. In fact, he is a part of the NeverEnding Story.

The film is based on the original German novel by Michael Ende. And Wolfgang Petersen brought the story to life in 1984, starring Noah Hathaway as Bastien. With brilliant casting, each child actor does an incredible job. And the special effects and creature creations are amazing, especially for the time it was created. The creators made the imaginative land of Fantasia larger than life, as if out of a dream.

I have loved this movie since I was a child. And watching it years later, I was pleased to see it still holds up today, with all of the same charm and wonder. Every child wants to read a book and literally become a part of it. It’s an ingenious story that appeals to people of all ages.

Unfortunately, there are no special features in the Blu-Ray edition, apart from the brilliant high definition. But this shouldn’t stop fans from getting their hands on this improved classic. With non-stop adventure and suspense, fun creatures, and epic fantasy, this heart-warming tale is timeless.

The NeverEnding Story is now available on DVD and Blue-Ray. Exclusive Interview: John Cho and Sonya Walger

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ABC was kind enough to invite me to their FlashForward press junket to promote its return on Thursday, March 18th. I was able to speak with John Cho (Star Trek), who plays Demetri Noh, and Sonya Walger (Lost), who plays Dr. Olivia Benford, on the phone to discuss what’s coming next for their characters.

Will the show be picking up where it left off last fall? Or is it starting up again in the present day?

Walger: It picks up exactly where we left off. It’s the next day… or no, it’s hours later. It’s the aftermath of Lloyd being abducted, and all of the implications of that.

Can you give us a glimpse of what’s coming up for your characters?

Walger: Olivia has a lot going on. She starts helping the FBI out with their investigation. And Mark starts working harder and harder and starts disappearing down the rabbit hole of the Mosaic Board and the investigation. And that puts a real strain on their marriage. So there’s all of that. And Lloyd being abducted means that Olivia has a moment where she realizes she may have feelings for this man. So there’s lots of juicy emotional stuff for Olivia.

Cho: Demetri is dealing with… In fact that we find out this season if he dies on March 15th or not. There’s the relationship between himself and Mark, because he’s the one that’s supposed to kill Demetri. And that obviously puts a crimp in their relationship. Working together isn’t as positive as it used to be. So that’s primarily it. Then there’s the home life with Zoey. She wants him to run away from the problem. And he is committed to staying and seeing it through. It’s a difference of opinion.

What’s the camaraderie like onset? Do you all get along well?

Walger: I think it’s a really nice set. I really like days like this, because I actually get to see people like John, Courtney [B. Vance], and Christine [Woods]. The storylines are so separate, and the strands are so discreet that you can go for weeks without setting eyes on half my cast. So, I can speak for my side of the cast. It’s really fun working with Joe [Fiennes] and Jack Davenport, who’s hilarious. And Zach [Knighton] who plays Bryce. I have lovely people to work with. I really do. It’s a really easy going, nice atmosphere on set. It’s fun. It’s also, I have to say, one of the best crews I have ever, ever worked with. I have never heard a raised voice, lost temper…

Cho: You haven’t worked with me.

Walger: That’s my point. There’s my point.

Cho: The camaraderie is really good. I can speak to my side of the storyline. The FBI office has really been better than I expected. I have heard monster stories about Courtney B. Vance [Walger laughs.] And Joe Fiennes… wasn’t a fan of, so was a pleasant surprise. [Paused for more laughter.]

How did you both come by your roles on FlashForward? What was the casting process like for you?

Walger: I had to sleep with all of the producers.

Cho: Wow.

Walger: I auditioned, and I think David [Goyer] knew my work from Lost and also this HBO show I did called Tell Me You Love Me. Apparently, so the story goes, they didn’t believe I was the same girl on both shows. And I think he and Jessika [Borsiczky] had a fight, because I played an American on the one and Penny is English. And the fight was only resolved by So that’s the legend.

Cho: I met with David [Goyer], Jessika [Borsiczky], and Brannon [Braga]. And then I didn’t hear from them in a while. I think the role might have been offered to somebody else at some point. And then it came back to me. The script was really interesting, and the premise. Even though I didn’t really know, obviously, how long I would last; it was that meeting with the creators that hooked me in. And the quality of the work. And after I met them, I decided, well, I can give myself to this process and trust the storytellers to use me whatever way they want.

What did you think about your characters when you were first introduced to the roles? And has that perception now changed?

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Book Review: Angelology


Angelology, by Danielle Trussoni

When Sister Evangeline receives a letter from a man claiming to be the heir of Abigail Rockefeller, she initially rejects his request to locate any letters between Abigail and the former mother superior of Saint Rose Convent. But after doing some research on her own, Evangeline discovers a mystery too tempting to pass by. Evangeline uncovers a secret society that studies fallen angels and their descendants (the Nephilim) in order to save humanity. As the Nephilim are corrupt angel and human hybrids that plan to dominate humanity. And Evangeline has a secret destiny that could bring about the rise or fall of the cursed race.

Trussoni has created a stunning world that blends Biblical teachings, ancient myths, and academic theories about the fall of angels and the Nephilim. Her angels and Nephilim are beautiful and tragic characters, with a rich history and conflict with the Angelologists.

The story is complex and skillfully plotted, told in a unique way that blends past and present. The tone and pace reminded me of The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. With a dark mystery, believable characters, and a captivating plot, Angelology is a fascinating and ambitious debut novel.

Book Review: The Breach

The Breach

The Breach, by Patrick Lee

Former policeman Travis Chase has just been released from prison when he decides to journey through the Alaskan wilderness. But when he comes across a plane that has crashed, his vacation abruptly ends. Aboard the plane, there are no survivors, and the President’s wife is among the victims. But before she died, the First Lady left a disturbing message that will lead Travis on a mission to find the remaining hostages and recover a dangerous artifact.

Travis Chase is a smart and tough hero with a past that haunts him. His detective instincts and skill lead him on the adventure of a lifetime. Lee’s characters are all vivid and well-developed. And this is no ordinary thriller, as the plot revolves around mysterious and advanced technology. As the complex plot unfolds, the massive conspiracy is not what it seems at first glance.

Thrilling action and suspense paired with elements of science fiction make for a fantastic combination. With characteristics of a good James Rollins adventure, this stunning debut blew me away. Non-stop excitement and danger, and I never saw the final climactic twist coming. The build-up of suspense, fascinating technology, a unique hero, and plenty of action, I couldn’t put this one down. This will certainly go on my list of favorites of the year.

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