Lost Finale – It’s Over!


I’ve kept my thoughts spoiler-free for those who haven’t had a chance to see it yet.

We have spent 6 years getting to know the various inhabitants of The Island. And we’ve spent 6 long years trying to find out The Island’s secrets. Last night was the 2 1/2 hour finale. With plenty of suspense, the focus seemed to be more on the tearful moments of the brief memories of happiness that happened on The Island. I believe that these are some of the best actors on tv. They have taken us on quite a ride. It’s show that wouldn’t have worked without it’s incredibly strong characters.

Granted, the story was great too. But among the innumerable questions that kept coming, the real thing that kept us all watching was what was happening to the characters.

As for the finale, I prepared myself for being disappointed. With this past season slowly unraveling, I could already tell that I wasn’t going to like the ultimate reason behind The Island. But I have to say, I really enjoyed watching every minute of the finale. Watching the alternate reality characters all find each other and remember made the past years seem worthwhile.

What did you think of the finale? Love it? Hate it?
Angry that more wasn’t answered?
For those who haven’t watched yet, you may want to avoid the comments below.

Book Review: Mistwood


Mistwood, by Leah Cypess

Long ago, a Shifter was bound by magic to protect the kings of Samorna whenever they were in need. When Prince Rokan finds the Shifter in the Mistwood, Isabel has no memories and no recollection of her abilities as a Shifter. But Rokan has a secret and a reason that he doesn’t want Isabel to get her memories back.

Isabel is a complex and mysterious character, who doesn’t even know herself. Throughout the course of the book, she begins to discover the truth behind her past and slowly discovers her humanity. And eventually, Isabel is forced to make a decision that goes against her very nature.

This is medieval fantasy geared towards young adults, though is still appropriate for middle readers as well. There are brief scenes of action and magic, but the main story revolves around the interpersonal drama of Isabel and those around her. This is not a simple, light-hearted read. Situations and decisions are presented to make the reader stop to think and ponder. It’s a quick read, but stayed with me for long after I was finished. The surprising climactic ending, was both exciting and heart-breaking. Slightly dark and completely mesmerizing, this dramatic fantasy had me hooked from the start.

Book Review: Red Hood’s Revenge

Red Hood’s Revenge

Red Hood’s Revenge, by Jim C. Hines

Roudette may be known as “Little Red Riding Hood,” but her innocence was taken when she saw her grandmother brutally murdered by the Hunt. Now, Roudette is a deadly assassin. Her latest mission lands her in the presence of three legendary princesses – Danielle, Talia, and Snow (also known as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White respectively). The princesses go in search of the person who sent Roudette. But their journey leads them to Arathea, Talia’s former home – where she’s still wanted for murdering the prince who woke her.

The princesses have all gone through various changes in the past couple books. Danielle is now a mother. Snow was in a serious accident where her head was damaged, which has been affecting her magical abilities. And Snow now knows of Talia’s unrequited feelings for her, which brings awkwardness to their friendship. Despite their shortcomings, the ladies continue to kick butt and hold their own against the deadliest of enemies.

More dramatic than previous installments, this latest story revolves mainly around Talia and Roudette, bringing to light more of their dark and horrible pasts. But that doesn’t mean the adventure is lacking. There’s plenty of the suspense and action that make this fantasy series great. Hines’ princess heroines from fairy tale lore are truly unique and completely enjoyable from start to finish. I can’t wait to see what comes next from this highly talented fantasy author. His Goblin series remains one of my favorites to this day.

Red Hood’s Revenge will release from Daw Books on July 6, 2010.

Book Review: The Jaguar Stones: Middleworld

The Jaguar Stones: Middleworld

The Jaguar Stones: Middleworld, by J&P Voelkel

Young teen Max Murphy is disappointed when his parents cancel their trip to Italy for an archaeological dig in San Xavier. Worst of all, he is left home alone with only his housekeeper. But suddenly Max is sent to San Xavier, thinking his parents have sent for him. But when he arrives in the small country, near his parents’ Mayan excavation, Max discovers that his parents are missing. With the help of a young local girl and the mysterious Jaguar Stones, Max embarks on a journey to find his parents and rescue them from the Mayan Underworld.

Max is an average American boy, self-centered and addicted to video games. But along his journey through Central America, he learns several lessons and begins to slowly grow up and become a more likeable person. Max’s mysterious companion Lola, on the other hand, is wise but harsh. Though I am curious about her past, I found myself more annoyed by her brash personality than anything. I’m hoping she softens more as time goes on.

Among the highlights of this book, is the creative integration of ancient Mayan culture and religion. The story is educational, fascinating, and fun. The series is marketed to young readers, but people of all ages will enjoy this fast-paced adventure through the jungles of Central America. With plenty of mystery, adventure, humor, and magic, Middleworld is an exciting start to a promising series.

DVD Review: Yesterday Was a Lie

Yesterday Was a Lie

Yesterday Was a Lie

Private Detective Hoyle hot on the trail of an elusive man and a missing notebook. Holye’s only help along the way are her partner and a mysterious lounge singer. But Hoyle’s progress is hindered as reality and time seems to be shifting around her.

In a unique blend of noir and science fiction, Yesterday Was a Lie is in a category all its own. Shot completely in black and white, the stunning visuals and accompanying jazz music adds to the noir feel – and in my opinion, takes the film to a whole new level. Actresses Kipleigh Brown (Hoyle) and Chase Masterson (Lounge Singer) are wonderful choices for their roles, and skillfully pull the audience into the story.

Ambiance aside, this is like no other noir or science fiction film ever made. At its heart, this is a story of love and heartbreak. But this is not some frivolous, light-hearted flick. Viewers have to pay attention and be able to handle a lot of metaphysical and scientific jargon throughout. Scenes often jump around in time, yet we follow Hoyle as she uncovers the ultimate and surprising mystery. It’s smart, gutsy, and glamorous – and completely unexpected. This thoroughly enjoyable film should be a treat for science fiction fans.

DVD Details:
Yesterday Was a Lie is rated PG, 89 minutes long, and contains loads of featurettes and behind-the-scenes clips.

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