Book Review: Instinct: A Chess Team Adventure

Instinct: A Chess Team Adventure

Instinct: Chess Team Adventure, by Jeremy Robinson, is 2nd in the series.

The Chess Team: King, Queen, Knight, Bishop, and Rook are all back in a new adventure, even more heart-pounding than before. An outbreak of a deadly epidemic that is aimed at the President sends the team to Vietnam. They are joined by scientist Sara (codename: Pawn) who is charged with finding a cure for the fatal virus. But they are not alone in the jungle. Ruthless Vietnamese are waiting for them. And a far more deadly and monstrous enemy will stop at nothing to make sure the team doesn’t make it out alive.

Robinson’s special ops team put through the ringer in this latest installment. Members are shot, stabbed, mauled, electrocuted, and branded – just to name a few. They are tough and brutal with their enemies, but are humanized with a sense of humor and concern for their fellow teammates. Faced with impossible circumstances, these individuals work miracles.

As in the previous novel, Pulse, the action reads like watching a movie. With heart-pounding suspense and stomach-churning violence, Robinson has topped himself with this one. Amidst scenes of intense suspense, the complex plot unfolds slowly with some surprising results. This action-packed thriller was extremely enjoyable and impossible to put down. Ending in a mild cliffhanger, readers will be eager for the next in this exciting series – I know I am.

All-New Merlin Tonight on Syfy


Keep reading for a behind-the-scenes look at the latest episode of Merlin, entitled “Witchfinder,” airing tonight on the Syfy Channel!

From Press Release:
In his determination to rid Camelot of all magic, King Uther enlists the terrifying Aredian, a witch hunter who’ll stop at nothing to uncover sorcery in the kingdom. When suspicion falls on Merlin, Morgana and Gaius, the race is on to prove everyone’s innocence before at least one of them is burned at the stake.

merlin 3

The episode, entitled “The Witchfinder,” puts a bright spotlight on the internationally renowned acting talents of Richard Wilson as Gaius and Charles Dance as Aredian, much to the delight – and sometimes fears – of the Merlin cast.

On the flipside of Wilson’s loyal, fatherly character in “The Witchfinder” episode is Charles Dance in another of his trademark villainous roles. Dance gave such a convincing performance as the Merlin episode’s villain, even the cast felt a wee bit uncomfortable in scenes with the actor.

“He created such a sense of menace and a strange, twisted sense of fun about approaching the suspects – it was very unnerving,” Colin Morgan (Merlin) explains. “You’re sitting there being interrogated, and he’s looking at you. I was genuinely intimidated.”

“Charles Dance – the scariest man ever!” Katie McGrath (Morgana) adds. “I was petrified to work with him, and my first scene was when he interrogated me. I’m sitting down and he’s about to interrogate me, and he just starts messing with all these torture instruments behind me. So the bizarre fear you can see on my face in the scene is completely real. He looked so natural with those props, I thought, ‘You’ve tortured people before, haven’t you?'”

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Book Review: Web of Lies

Web of Lies

Web of Lies, by Jennifer Estep

Gin Blanco, a.k.a. the “Spider,” has retired from her profession as an assassin to run her former mentor’s BBQ restaurant. So when two delinquents decide to rob the wrong eatery, Gin shows restraint. But when college student Violet Fox asks for help protecting her grandfather from an evil businessman trying to bully them out of their land, Gin decides to come out of retirement temporarily.

Gin is once again faced with tough circumstances. All of her enemies seem to be working for the incredibly powerful Mab Monroe, who may or may not have something to do with her family’s death. Then, there’s Detective Donovan Caine who, despite his attraction for Gin, can’t overcome his hang-up with her “former” profession. I’m not sure why she’s so hung up on him. I don’t see the attraction or chemistry. But we do get to see that Gin does have a sensitive side, despite her ruthless behavior towards the “bad guys.”

Web of Lies is a fantastic sequel in every respect. The characters have been established, yet Estep does a great job of giving enough background for new readers yet not too much to bore current fans. This second installment is even more steamy, suspenseful, and full of mystery and adventure. Packed with pulse-pounding action and suspense, this urban fantasy truly delivers. Don’t miss this urban fantasy series with unique worldbuilding and a complex heroine. I’m certainly caught in Estep’s web, and look forward to Gin’s next adventure.

Web of Lies releases from Pocket Books on May 25, 2010.

Being Human Returns to BBC America In July


Sneak Peek of Being Human Season 2:

From Press Release: The highly anticipated second season of BBC America’s co-production, Being Human premieres this July. Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow and Aidan Turner return as George, Annie and Mitchell, the three twenty-somethings trying to live as normally as possible despite being a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost. Being Human premieres Saturday, July 24, directly following the Doctor Who season finale.

After the death of vampire leader Herrick at the end of season one, the supernatural friends are hoping they can now get on with their lives, but an even greater danger is lurking, within the very human world of which they want to be a part. Unbeknown to the trio, the mysterious Professor Jaggat and her cold-hearted colleague Kemp – religious zealots who have discovered the existence of vampires, werewolves and ghosts- are determined to carry out brutal experiments and destroy them.

While Professor Jaggat and Kemp plot behind the scenes, werewolf George is coming to terms with the fact that he has Herrick’s blood on his hands, and a girlfriend who knows his horrific secret. Turning down the door of death has implications for ghost Annie, but her confidence is at a peak and she’s determined to stand up and be counted in the real world. And, with Herrick gone, Mitchell must appease an out of control vampire world – can he find a way to lead by example?

The Being Human: Season 1 DVD and Blu-ray is available July 20. It features all six episodes along with over an hour of bonus material including deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes featurettes, video diaries, and character profiles. The entire first season is also currently available on iTunes and Xbox LIVE Marketplace.


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