Tomorrow Night on Lifetime: Within


WITHIN is a supernatural thriller that follows young Rachel Weiss as she realizes she can see terrible spirits in the people around her. After her mother is tragically murdered in front of her, Rachel and her father move to a small town outside of the city to start their lives over. Unfortunately, they soon discover that evil is inescapable, and Rachel’s new best friend’s dark behavior portends horrible things which Rachel may or may not be able to prevent.

Within is the recipient of numerous awards worldwide, including Best Horror Feature Film, Best Child Actress and Best Supporting Actor at the Tabloid Witch Awards, Outstanding Feature Film at Big Bear Horror Film Festival, and Best Actress Nominees for Mia Ford and Sammi Hanratty at Strasbourg International Film Festival.

Directed by Ms. Hanelle Culpepper, this film makes its world premiere on LIFETIME Saturday, July 31 at 9:00 pm.

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  1. it is the same thing that michelle’s sister Miranda had on her neck. Like the movie said Miranda’s soul was inside of Michelle, maybe thats how their parents knew that Michelle would end up the same way as Miranda

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