Eureka Sneak Peek: “The Ex Files”

Airs: Friday, August 27th @ 9/8C on Syfy
Synopsis: In this episode, people from the past come back to haunt the lives of Carter and the gang.

I was lucky enough to get an early review copy. It was great to see former cast-mates and old flames return for an fun, yet awkward jaunt. More inventions go awry and wacky hijinks ensue. Character interactions are fantastic and stir lots of laughs. This was certainly a highlight of the season! Don’t miss it!

Book Review: Amazon Ink

Amazon Ink

Amazon Ink, by Lori Devoti

Melanippe Saka left her Amazon tribe years ago to raise her daughter and have a normal life. But someone knows about her past and has been leaving the bodies of dead Amazon girls on her front doorstep. So Mel is now forced to deal with her former tribe and investigate the ritual murders that seem to be tied to her somehow. Meanwhile, a new male tattoo artist is stirring the pot at her (formerly) all-female tattoo parlor. Something about his art is familiar.

Besides being a former Amazon, Mel is a strong character that puts her job as mother above all else. She’s complex and enjoyable and had me hooked from the start. Devoti’s world of Amazon women and magic is fresh and original among other urban fantasy series. Her characters are well developed and incredibly vivid.

This is a fantastic start to, what I hope is, a long, popular series. It has all of the key ingredients of a good urban fantasy – mystery, suspense, magic, a bit of romance, and set in modern day. But this is definitely one of my favorites this year. Blending ancient Greek and Native American mythology, this Amazonian series is a step above the rest. It’s fast-paced, exciting, and pure fun. Urban fantasy fans should not miss this exciting debut.

Undercovers Fan Q&As

NBC has provided two interviews from the NBC Fall Press Tour with the stars of JJ Abrams’ new spy show, Undercovers. Leads Boris and Gugu talk about their great chemistry and give us some interesting insight into their characters. Plus, listen to Ben Schwartz and Gerald McRaney discuss the atmosphere on set and what an honor it is to work with JJ.

Boris and Gugu Q&A:

Ben and Gerald Q&A:

Book Review: The Dead Boys

The Dead Boys

The Dead Boys, by Royce Buckingham

Teddy Matthews has to move to a small town in the Washington desert when his mother gets a job at the local plant. But next door a creepy sycamore tree is growing, mutated by nuclear waste. The tree has lured boys in to feed from for decades. And the tree wants Teddy is next.

Teddy catches on right away that something is wrong in town. Every boy he meets ends up disappearing. And the landscape keeps changing from new to old. With a little detective work, Teddy soon discovers what’s going on. And while the reader knows a little about what’s going on, the build-up of suspense is intense.

This is a short, quick read for middle readers on up. The ambiance is spooky and dark, yet never over the top for younger readers. A highly enjoyable tale of mystery and non-stop creepy fun, I found myself caught up at once. The story was gripping from the beginning to its climactic ending.

Persons Unknown Recap and Web Exclusive

NBC has a special web exclusive for Persons Unknown fans. The “missing” 11th episode, “Seven Sacrifices,” is available exclusively on here:

And if you missed the last episode, check out the recaps below…

Two-Minute Replay: “Identity”
There’s a new Night Manager in town, and he’s got his sights set on Janet…

Night Moves
A busy night in town features a surprise visitor who’s all thumbs.

Free Will vs. Illusion
Janet subtly fights the power of The Program’s program.

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