Eureka Holiday Episode Sneak Peek

In the little town of Eureka, Secret Santa gifts are being passed out as Carter sinks his teeth into an out-of-this-world fruitcake. His thrilling palate experience is interrupted by a code 12 and immediately orders everyone to get down. He’ll have to put his holiday cheer on hold in order to once again put the town first. Find out what happens by watching the clip and tuning in on Tuesday, December 7th at 9/8c on Syfy.

Eureka – “O’ Little Town”

Warehouse 13 Holiday Episode Sneak Peek

Claudia goes to persuade Artie’s father to come back with her to see Artie. She has to think a little outside the box and tells him his son is dying. Fearing the worst and with Claudia saying she’s omitting more information forces Artie’s dad to join her. Meanwhile, Artie is off to tell Pete and Myka to cancel their trips because they have a new case in search of a familiar face around the holidays. Will it stop them from their own get-aways? Watch the clip and tune in on Tuesday, December 7th at 10/9c immediately following the Eureka episode on Syfy.

Warehouse 13 – “Secret Santa”

Clip #1:

Clip #2:

Blu-Ray Giveaway: Space: 1999: The Complete Season One

Courtesy of A&E Home Video, I have a giveaway copy of Space: 1999: The Complete Season One on blu-ray for one (1) lucky winner!

Space: 1999: The Complete Season One
In the year 1999, a spectacular explosion at a lunar nuclear waste dump sends the moon out of Earth’s orbit. In this seminal sci-fi series from producer Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds, UFO), the men and women of Moonbase Alpha are suddenly propelled on a treacherous journey across the universe in search of extraordinary new worlds. Left with no way home, the Earthling citizens are forced to embark upon the greatest adventure of their lives, encountering bizarre life forms and strange phenomena as they struggle to survive among the awe-inspiring wonders of outer space.

All 24 first season episodes of this acclaimed space adventure have been restored in stunning high definition and presented with newly-created 5.1 surround soundtracks, and hours of brand-new bonus features.

With its progressive plotlines, an outstanding cast, and astonishing special effects from Oscar® winner Brian Johnson (Alien, The Empire Strikes Back), SPACE: 1999 has secured its place as one of the most thought-provoking series of the 20th century—and beyond.

DISC 1: Breakaway / Matter of Life and Death / Black Sun / Ring Around the Moon / Earthbound
DISC 2: Another Time, Another Place / Missing Link / Guardian of Piri / Force of Life / Alpha Child
DISC 3: The Last Sunset / Voyager’s Return / Collision Course / Death’s Other Dominion / The Full Circle
DISC 4: End Of Eternity / War Games / The Last Enemy / The Troubled Spirit / Space Brain
DISC 5: The Infernal Machine / Mission Of The Darians / Dragon’s Domain / Testament Of Arkadia
DISC 6: Bonus Features

Contest is open to US residents only. To enter, just fill out the form below with the correct answer from above. Contest ends December 31. I’ll draw names on January 1, and notify winners via email.

Good luck!

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Colin Ferguson Talks Upcoming Eureka Holiday Special!

Eureka panel

Colin Ferguson answers questions and talks about the first ever Eureka holiday special on Tuesday, December 7 on Syfy.

You’ve done both acting and directing. What’s next for you? Anything else that you want to try out?

Colin Ferguson: I don’t know. I’d love to – no, I’d love to keep doing what I’m doing. I’m really enjoying the combination of it. I’m really enjoying being on both sides of the camera and hopefully I can continue to be on both sides of the camera.

I find that with directing you get in earlier, you can protect the story longer, get into more conversations about it and I find that really rewarding. So I’m actually really excited where things are and I hope it sort of stays as it is for a bit.

Tell us a bit about the Eureka holiday special.

Colin Ferguson: Yes, actually just on the previous question I got to say I’d like to start a show. That’s something that I’d like to do. I have a bunch of meetings and ideas and have been sort of talking about that, so I guess that’s new.

That’d be interesting to see something from the ground up. So I guess that’s what’s on the plate for me with that. As far as the Christmas episode goes it’s really, really fun.

People have said who have seen it – I haven’t seen the finished – with all the special effects in it. They say it’s the funniest episode we’ve done. It’s basically getting into the science of Christmas.

If there are reindeers who fly – if there are reindeers that can fly how did it happen? If there’s a sleigh that could fly how would it happen? How do you get around the world? It’s Eureka sort of attacking Christmas in a really fun way and it has a great ending to it.

How did you get started in the industry?

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Being Human Sneak Peek

The Syfy Channel new series Being Human (adapted from the British version) premieres Monday, January 17th at 9/8c. Starring Sam Witwer (Smallville), Meaghan Rath (The Assistants), Sam Huntington (Superman Returns) and Mark Pellegrino (Lost) – the show depicts the lives of three paranormal roommates: a vampire, werewolf, and a ghost, and their difficulties with living double lives.

Being Human – Season Premiere Trailer: “I Am Different”

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