Sara Creasy Interview and Giveaway!

Author Sara Creasy joins today to discuss her latest release Children of Scarabaeus.
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Can you tell us a bit about the plot of Children of Scarabaeus in your own words?

The story takes up where Song of Scarabaeus left off: Edie needs to get to the Fringe worlds, where she has something that will help the people there, but she gets captured along the way. She is recruited back into her mentor/nemesis’s terraforming project that she’s certain will turn out to be highly destructive – so much so that humans across the galaxy may end up with nowhere to live in a few generations. She also discovers that gifted children are being used for the project, and she wants to help the children avoid the life that she’s had.

Her bodyguard Finn, who is “leashed” so he’ll die if he leaves her, is along for the ride. The two of them have a growing attraction and the relationship progresses in this book. It’s hampered by the fact that Edie’s emotions cause him discomfort, because of the leash, so they are always looking for a way to deal with that. And, of course, a way to escape.

Are there more novels planned for the series?

There’s always a chance I’ll want to go back and continue Edie and Finn’s story but I’m writing something else now.

Can you tell us more about biocyph, and how you came up with the idea?

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Book Review: Hellhole

Hellhole, by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

After a failed rebellion against the ruthless monarch Diadem Michella, General Tiber Adolphus and his supporters are exiled to a planet appropriately named Hellhole. On Hellhole, Adolphus still makes plans against the Diadem, hoping to declare the Deep Zone planets independent from the Diadem’s realm of the Constellation. But Hellhole holds its own secrets. An allegedly, long-extinct alien race is discovered. The aliens are highly advanced with special abilities. Their initial motives seem altruistic on the surface, but their true intentions are still a mystery.

The first in a proposed trilogy, Hellhole is an impressive military science fiction mixed with space opera on a grand scale. Herbert and Anderson have created an incredibly detailed universe of harsh politics, intrigue, war, and love. The cast of characters is daunting, but still manageable as each has their own intriguing backstory and motivations. The aliens are unique and still fairly mysterious. I’m looking forward to seeing how they develop in the later novels.

Herbert and Anderson are obviously a talented team, having written the popular novels continuing the Dune saga. Their latest venture is fast-paced, fascinating and completely engaging. Full of adventure, mystery, and interesting characters, I thoroughly enjoyed this exciting new release. Ending in a minor cliffhanger, I’m eagerly the next installment. Without a doubt, science fiction fans should check out this fantastic new saga.

eBook Review: Goblin Tales

Goblin Tales, by Jim C. Hines

Goblin Tales is a collection of five fantasy short stories. The first four are in a fantasy world and revolve around goblins, specifically characters from Hines’ previous Goblin Quest novels. The last is set in present day reality, but creatively uses books and magic from well-known fantasy and science fiction novels.

In “Goblin Lullaby,” a goblin nanny tries to stop a war – in order to keep her nursery quiet. “The Haunting of Jig’s Ear” follows Jig as he tries to appease a vengeful spirit without getting himself killed in the process. In “Goblin Hunter,” Jig saves a fire spider and his eggs, but is then sent to hunt dangerous bird creatures. Thankfully, his new friend can help. “School Spirit” follows a goblin wizard-in-training who finds it hard to fit in among the rest of her classmates. And “Mightier than the Sword” is an action-packed story where books literally have a magic of their own. Each story is followed by a brief commentary by Hines explaining its history.

Each story is full of adventure, humor, and magic. Completely engaging and entertaining, these fantastic stories should not be missed by fans of the Goblin Quest novels. Hines is an extremely talent fantasy writer, creating an incredible world of terrible-yet-loveable goblins, the unlikeliest heroes. This must-read collection is available electronically for the Kindle or Nook.

Blu-Ray Review: Hereafter

Hereafter Blu-ray Edition

When Marie (Cécile de France) a French journalist is caught in a tsunami, she has a near death experience that begins to affect her life dramatically. George (Matt Damon) is a psychic with an ability to speak to the dead loved ones of those he touches. And young Marcus (Frankie and George McLaren) from London loses a dear family member in a tragic accident, and begins to search for answers to what happens after someone dies. Each of them will begin a journey that will converge in their search for what may happen in the hereafter.

The first scene of a violent and catastrophic tsunami is certainly the most moving and tragic in the film. Unfortunately, the rest of the film is dismal and extremely slow-moving. Bouncing around the three main storylines, it’s obvious from the start what will bring the three characters together. But the journey is painfully slow. To make matters worse, over a third of the film is in French (with English subtitles).

While the acting was spot on, it wasn’t enough to make the film worthwhile. The three storylines obviously connect, but without much resolution at the end. It was a long build-up to a fizzled, lackluster ending. Clint Eastwood directs this strange, monotonous film with seemingly little direction. Fans of drama, with a paranormal twist, who don’t mind reading their movies and watching stagnant scenes (like Matt Damon eating meals by himself) may be interested in this one. But it was definitely not one that I can recommend.

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